Madge Undersee play a small but pivotal duty in the Hunger gamings books. Here’s a breakdown of that he was and also why that wasn’t in the movies.

Mockingjay pen by Katniss Everdeen on The Hunger games is one of the most iconic photos in the entire franchise. In the film series, Katniss (Jennifer Lawrence) received the pen from one of the countertop merchants. However in the books, it to be a gift indigenous someone who was fully left the end of the movies: Madge Undersee.

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On The Hunger Games, every tribute was enabled a token indigenous their house district to repeat them of their friends and family throughout the Games. Katniss determined the Mockingjay pin. Yet as Katniss came to be the challenge of the rebellion versus the Capitol, the mockingjay became the price of the rebellion. The mockingjay stood for something that was never meant come exist, as with the rebels that opposed the Capitol.

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Anyone familiar with The Hunger Games books or movies understand how powerful that symbolism is because that history. Fans were understandably upset once the movie adjusted the story of exactly how Katniss obtained the pin. In the books, Madge Undersee was the mayor of district 12 Katniss’s daughter and also classmate. She to be the just one in her course who sat v Katniss in ~ lunch and also while castle were never ever too close, she was Katniss’s just friend. Therefore Madge thought it proper to offer her friend a parting gift when she determined to volunteer at her sister’s place for the Hunger Games. Unbeknownst come Katniss at the time, the brooch she formerly received belonged to Madge’s aunt, Maysilee Donner, who passed away in the 50th Hunger Games.

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As the mayor’s daughter, Madge came from among the wealthiest families in district 12. Katniss’s dad died prior to the occasions of history, therefore her family was constantly struggling to make ends meet. That made Katniss and also Madge unlikely friends, which made their friendship even an ext endearing and unexpected. Since of that, Katniss was most likely most moved by Madge’s gift, which is why she brought it v her throughout the rebellion. If Madge played a small but pivotal function in Katniss’s story, she to be tragically killed in the district 12 bombings.

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When The Hunger Games adjusted into a number of movies, Madge was reduced from the movies entirely. Her role in providing the Mockingjay pin to Jennifer Lawrence’s Katniss was passed on to Hob’s salesman, Greasy Sae. In district 12, Hob to be a black industry where Katniss and her finest friend Gale checked out trade and also sell the excess video game they caught. It was an incredibly important place come Katniss, so the made perfect sense that Hob was where the mockingjay pin come from.

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District 12 was a huge part the Katniss’s identity. The Hunger games took her much from home and also eventually caused her destruction, however the pen was a reminder of whereby she come from. The truth that he come from a ar in district 12 the Katniss evaluate only enhanced the emotional meaning for her. Because Madge was her just friend, it to be a sweet touch that she provided Katniss the pin in the books. But because Greasy Sae represented District 12 the Katniss knew and loved, the fact that she provided the pin had a totally different emotional gravity.