Is Christmas really Christmas without a Harry Potter binge? No, is the answer. And while everyone constantly makes a fuss end Harry and if you"re me, Ron (because, let"s confront it, Ron is the stand the end star here). Us all know that the scene-stealer in The Philosopher"s Stone is Quidditch Captain and also all-round bae Oliver Wood.

We can all mental the moment we no longer provided a flying Filch around the truth Harry acquired Seeker, because, wait, that IS the BABE moving THE QUIDDITCH SET? and also so ours childhood to like on Oliver lumber was born.

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The gibbs in inquiry was Sean Biggerstaff, that was 17 when he first played Wood. Farming up close to Glasgow, the took part in drama teams from a young age. Then, his big pre-Harry Potter rest came as soon as he to be 11 and also auditioned because that a play starring Professor Snape himself, Alan Rickman. He didn"t obtain the part.

BUT, two years later on Alan Rickman returned and cast that in the movie work again, please again of the very same play - The Winter Guest, also starring Professor Trelawny, AKA Emma Thompson.

"It was while at the Scottish Youth Theatre that i was liked for The Winter Guest. Alan Rickman (known to most of the kids as "the bad guy indigenous Die Hard") popped along one day in search of two guys to companion him come the coldest ar on Earth, Fife, for 2 months to make a film. Myself and also the suspiciously character the is Douglas Murphy were the happy ones."

Alan, gift the lovely person we constantly expected him come be, then likewise recommended him come a London talent agency. In ~ a week, Harry Potter castings began and Sean bagged the Oliver role.

"When i left school and also wanted to try and do this kind of thing for a living, Alan arranged a meeting v his agent. The an initial audition the agent acquired me was for Harry Potter," claimed Sean.

"When I arrived on Leavesden Studios because that the very first time and also met David Heyman for the an initial time, he told me he"d just had a call from Alan informing him just how wonderful i was and that he"d be mad not to hire me. He rental me."

But what has actually Oliver Sean been up to because those Quidditch-captaining-days? Well, the is still adorable AF because that starters and still hangs out with JK Rowling from time come time.

He has ongoing acting and we average PROPERLY exhilaration - win a finest Actor Scottish BAFTA in 2007 because that his duty in BBC4 TV movie Consenting Adults. He"s also appeared in films like Hippie Hippie Shake with Sienna Miller and Cillian Murphy, as well as a ton that theatre roles.

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