Is a passing cite in a 1970s rock track lyric cause for civic celebration? In Winslow it is. As soon as the Eagles very first decided come "Take the Easy" in a song (co-written by glenn Frey and Jackson Browne), the reference to "standing top top a corner in Winslow, Arizona" was simply a catchy almost-rhyme.

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But the tune has withstood on standard rock radio, a sleepytime anthem for aimless wandering. In 1998 the city of Winslow put the finishing touches on their "Standin" ~ above the Corner" Park. The downtown corner was designed to incorporate a life-size statue (sculpted by Ronald Adamson; he used his kid Dustin as the model) that a tranquil dude-with-guitar, and a two-story Trompe L"oeil mural laying the end all the critical lyrics: "a girl" and "a flatbed Ford" reflected in a storefront, in addition to an eagle perched ~ above one painted window sill. The acoustic guitar is unnaturally thin, a an outcome of the mold cracking and being repaired in ~ the last minute. The statue"s shoulders have been burnished by numerous thousands of visitors draping your arms roughly them.


In any event, the edge is a photograph op destination now, so the scheme worked. In early on 2006 the building with the mural was greatly demolished -- except for the mural wall. The city purchased the property and has developed a little park, component of a arrangement to broaden the spot together a course 66 destination landmark.

Winslow operation an annual Standin" top top the corner Festival at the end of September featuring country rock and also Eagles tribute bands, such together the tape Hotel California. The city now estimates that 100,000 civilization stop by every year to stand on the corner. Jackson Browne finally made a pilgrimage below in 2013. We"re not certain if glen Frey ever did, return a frosting of the was included to the plaza in 2016.

When us visited, "Take the Easy" pride radiated native at the very least two that the three various other unofficial corners at 2nd and Kinsley -- whereby businesses promise t-shirts, hats, and also Route 66 memorabilia.

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While we were busy posing top top the corner, we ran across an Eagles-era couple snapping their very own memories. His name was Denny "Don"t require No factor to Party" Flannigan, Baja California"s answer come Jimmy Buffet. That told united state he fronted a well-known 1960s Denver band called The Moonrakers, and now fronts a tape in Baja named "Suns of the Beaches."

Yup, that"s the sort of encounter that awaits friend if you stand around on the edge long enough.