“Candy Girl” was the an initial single new Edition released in 1983 from their debut album that the very same name. The track was taped in 1982 ~ the group was given studio time by… read More 

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My girl's choose candy, a liquid treatShe knocks me high up off my feetShe's therefore fine, as have the right to beI know this girl is expected for meCandy girlYou space my worldYou look so sweetYou're a one-of-a-kind treatCandy girlAll I want to sayWhen you're v meYou brighten up mine dayAll i knowWhen I'm v youYou make me feel so good, through and also throughThe method you walk, and also the way you talkYou constantly look so good, you make forget my thoughts(Do you really love me?) do you really love me?(Don't you yes, really care?) Don't you really care?(Do girlfriend really need me?) execute you really need meAnd will certainly you constantly be there?
Every night and every dayI'm constantly thinking of girlfriend in every wayAll ns knowWhen I'm through youYou make me feeling so goodThrough and through>Candy girlYou room my worldYou're everything, everything, everything to meCandy girlAll I want to sayI require your love, each and also every day!Hey fellas! (What?)Check the end Mike and Bobby's little lady!(Ooooh-weeeee!)Well, examine out Ricky and Ralph's!(Oooooh-weeee!)
What around Ronnie's!She's bad, she's bad, I understand she's bad!She walks therefore fast, she looks therefore sweetShe makes my heart just skip a beatMy girl's the best and also that's no lieShe speak me the I'm her only guy!That can be true, but my girl's a joyShe don't play around, she's right to the point!My girl's favor candy, a liquid treatShe knocks me high up turn off my feetOh, candyYou look therefore sweetOh, candy!You're a unique treat
Candy (You're my candy), liquid girl (Candy)Candy (Girl, you're mine candy), candy girl (Candy), Ricky>Candy girl, you room my worldI require your love, each and also every dayCandy girl, all I desire to sayYou're everything, everything, everything to meCandy girl, you room my worldI need your love, each and every dayCandy girlI require it, require it, need it, require it, require it every dayCandy girl...

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“Candy Girl” was the very first single brand-new Edition exit in 1983 from their debut album of the exact same name. The tune was videotaped in 1982 after ~ the team was provided studio time by producer Maurice Starr adhering to a second-place finish in a Boston talent show. The members of brand-new Edition were between the periods of 13-15 when this song was recorded. The single was exit on February 24, 1983, and while it just peaked at #46 ~ above the Billboard warm 100, the hit #1 ~ above both the R&B Singles chart and the UK Singles chart.

Lyrically, brand-new Edition describes their girls as being “sweet together candy” and also this song’s format was influenced by the 1970 fight “ABC” by The Jackson 5.

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