Brooks & Dunn"sfantastic cover of singer-songwriter B.W. Stevenson"s"My Maria"from 1996 quickly came to be a textbook instance of just how influences from nation artists" formidable listening years make for some amazing musical homages. Simply as it"s basic to assume the someone likeSam Huntused come cruise approximately town bumping a mixtape ofGarth Brooksand hip-hop, it"s feasible the Kix Brooks and Ronnie Dunn spent time over the years hearing and dissecting Stevenson"s ode come his "sweet Maria" prior to cutting a chart-topping cover version for your Arista records albumBorderline.

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Initially videotaped in 1973 because that RCA Records, the song was co-written by Louis C. Stevenson (B.W. Is brief for his nickname, Buckwheat) and also Daniel Moore, the psychic behind 3 Dog Night"s "Shambala" and also other hits. ADallasnative, Stevenson take it his country-informed rock song to the No. 9 clues on theBillboardHot 100. Had the ide ofAmericanaexisted then, Stevenson and his story-driven work might"ve been a enlarge deal exterior of the easy listening and also adult modern charts.

When Brooks & Dunn revisited "My Maria" over 20 years later, they made the many of its rootsy charm. Stevenson"s lonely dreamer and that gypsy lady suited the preexisting vibe produced by Kix and also Ronnie"s different vocal and also performance styles. Likewise, the song"s narrative renders for a fun video that mirrors Brooks roaming the West in ~ his Marlboro man look-alike peak.

The an outcome brought much more than retro radio vibes to the country charts and also music video clip stations. If anything, Stevenson performed a "90s nation hit years in advance. His absent meets country approach sounded up-to-date already, through Brooks & Dunn adding nothing aside from part extra twang.

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The song"s popularity among fans and critics went beyond a remain at the peak of the nation music charts. It won a Grammy award for best Country performance By a Vocal Duo or Group, and the Billboard Music Awards" nation Song that the Year.

In the years to come, the song ended up being one of Brooks & Dunn"s best-known hits. As soon as the duo ended its very first run in 2010, they claimed farewell to fans by performing "My Maria" at that year"s ACM Awards. The exact same song highlighted their large comeback in ~ the ACM"s 50th-anniversary solemn event in 2015.

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Brooks & Dunn recorded a brand-new version the the song with Thomas Rhett because that the 2019 album Reboot.

"My Maria" Lyrics:

My MariaDon"t you recognize I"ve come a long, long wayI to be longing to check out herWhen she"s around she takes mine blues awaySweet Maria the sunlight surely damages my eyesI"m a lonely dreamer top top a highway in the skies

Yes, I do now

MyMaria there were some blue and also sorrow timesJust my thoughts about you bring back my item of mindGypsy lady you"re a miracle job-related for meYou collection my soul totally free like a ship sailing on the sea

She is the sunlightWhen skies room grayShe treats me so ideal ladyTake me away(Take me away)