Family Matters is a display that has broken boundaries, redefined the human being of tv sitcoms, and earned millions of fans of every ages. The show, i m sorry premiered on TV in 1989, go on to become the second-longest-running live-action U.S. Sitcom with a predominantly African-American cast — with the title of longest-running going come The Jeffersons.

Family Matters introduced characters like Harriette Winslow and also Steve Urkel into renowned culture, and also catchphrases such as “did I do that?” help to make the present memorable was the template song, which controlled to be both peppy and heartwarming.

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‘Family Matters’ originated together a spinoff of ‘Perfect Strangers’


Estelle (Rosetta LeNoire), Rachel (Telma Hopkins), Harriette (Jo Marie Payton), Judy (Jaimee Foxworth), Eddie (Darius McCrary), Laura (Kellie Shanygne Williams), Richie (Bryton McClure), Urkel (Jaleel White) and Carl (Reginald VelJohnson) | Walt Disney tv via Getty images Photo Archives/Walt Disney tv via Getty Images

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When Family Matters premiered on tv in 1989, very couple of people can have supposed the show to really come to be a hit. The show was conceived as a spinoff that the show Perfect Strangers, and was based around the character of Harriette Winslow, the sassy, spunky matriarch the the Winslow family.

It is true the the collection began on an unassuming note. Yet by the middle of the an initial season, viewers all over were well aware of the Winslow household — and also of Steve Urkel, that quickly ended up being the show’s breakout star, a pop society phenomenon in and also of himself.

Full the humor and also heart, Family Matters focused on a middle-class African-American household in Chicago, Illinois. Through talented character gibbs in the top roles, the collection ushered in a golden e of sitcoms, alongside various other shows favor Full House, The Cosby Show, and also Step by Step.

Viewers that tuned right into Family Matters would certainly be cure not just to the joys and also struggles of household life but likewise to the sound of a theme song that lugged them right right into a warm, welcoming atmosphere. 

What was the theme track to ‘Family Matters’?

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The original theme song to Family Matters was composed by Jesse Frederick, an created singer and also songwriter who had worked on theme songs because that a number of popular television productions. Frederick created the template song, “As Days walk By” v his writing partner, composer Bennett Salvay.

According to psychological Floss, the first few episodes the Family Matters featured the music come Louis Armstrong’s iconic tune “What a wonderful World.” However, by the moment the 6th episode rolling around, showrunners chose that the series needed a more sitcom-sounding opening theme, and also Frederick’s track was utilized.

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“As Days walk By” is a jazzy tune that attributes Frederick’s soulful voice in the foreground, through a chorus in the background. For the first couple of seasons, “As Days go By” to be an integral part of Family Matters. However, in the saturday season, showrunners when again made decision to readjust things up, going there is no an opened theme and choosing to list the surname of the cast and crew throughout each episode’s teaser scene.

‘Family Matters’ remains popular with fans to this day

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With or there is no a theme song in place, Family Matters has managed to capture viewers’ hearts because that decades. The display ultimately ran on tv until 1998, and also even after the went turn off the air, the collection continued to run practically continuously in syndication.

To this day, brand-new fans, many of whom weren’t alive as soon as the present originally premiered, are discovering the joy and fun of Family Matters — and also acquainting themselves v the peppy theme track “As Days walk By.”