How son Rock began Into country Music

2001 to be a big year for boy Rock. It was the year that he released his album Cocky, which was unlike anything that had ever before done before.

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Fair usage / Lava/Atlantic

Previously, Rock had jumped about from genre to genre, concentrating specifically ~ above hip-hop and rap. But he made decision to walk in a different direction once it come time because that him to put together the product for Cocky.

The document was Rock’s an initial experience record music the leaned in the country and blues direction. Nobody was sure how Rock’s nation debut would go at the time, however as we now know, it was pretty successful.

In the year that have actually passed since Cocky‘s release, rock has discovered himself a ar in the nation music community. He right now owns a house in Nashville, and frequently performs at country-related events, such together Charlie Daniels‘ Volunteer Jam.

While a an excellent deal that this success have the right to be contributed to his 2008 smash struggle “All Summer Long,” the all started with a track from Cocky.

The Singing companion Switch Up

“Picture” was released as a solitary off the Cocky in 2002. You’re probably used to hearing the version between Rock and also Sheryl Crow, however did girlfriend have any idea there was another version as well?

When Rock was unable to obtain permission indigenous Crow’s document label to relax “Picture” as a single, he recorded it again with nation singer Allison Moorer. This version was the one that was sent out to radio stations, yet some still finished up play Crow’s variation anyway.

Regardless of which version they heard, it seems that listeners love the song. It claimed the fourth spot top top the Billboard hot 100, making that Rock’s many successful U.S. Single to date.

Although Moorer to be the featured guest in the commercial version of “Picture,” Rock invited Crow to movie the song’s music video with him.

Their Chemistry to be On Fire

A true job-related of art, the video clip dives deep into the ache feelings associated with heartache.

Most the the video clip takes ar in a record studio, whereby Rock and also Crow sit together and sing.

Kid absent / YouTube

Shorter clips flash throughout this scenes, typically showing absent alone together he longs after ~ the woman who gained away. This clips sometimes appear in black and also white, adding further come the mournful tone of the song.

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Rock and also Crow’s chemistry is off the charts in this video. You have the right to feel the connection in between them as they sing, which provides the entire video clip all the more powerful.

We hope that Rock and also Crow will consider singing yet another duet with each other some day, due to the fact that they do a an excellent team!