Richard Spencer, the Neo-Nazi with the many punchable face, appeared to it is in schooled ~ above Twitter the various other day by autonomous politician Jason Kander. But digging into his human being makes the truth of this Twitter interaction a little bit complicated.

Here’s the abbreviated version: mock Marshall, editor of talking Points Memo, jumped into a thread including Spencer, ending with:

Take your trash philosophy earlier to the 1930s, chump. You're just a punk. Https://

— mock Marshall (

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RichardBSpencer) march 18, 2017

There, he’s linking to a clip from the 1972 movie Cabaret, itself an adaptation the the 1966 Broadway music by the legend songwriting team of john Kander and Fred Ebb around early 1930s Berlin. And also that’s once the politico Kander stepped in:

Hey buddy, that song you love was written by mine uncle. He's to be married to my various other uncle because that 40 years. And also he's a Jew. Sing it proud. Https://

— Jason Kander (
CharlesPPierce Is my uncle. Now is his 90th birthday.

— Jason Kander (
JasonKander) in march 19, 2017

Mazel tov! The irony is delicious come those of us who aren’t rubbish Neo-Nazis. (Ebb, who passed away in 2004, also was Jewish.) However, those garbage people apparently don’t see it the way. To uncover this out, I had actually to visit Stormfront, the white nationalist/white supremacist/Neo-Nazi forum. And now I must burn my computer.

Now, the average human being who watches any kind of iteration of Cabaret understands the story is *not* pro-Nazi. The scene in the film featuring the track “Tomorrow Belongs to Me” is chilling. Simply watch just how the wave of nationalism overtakes the crowd:

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But for alternative fascists apartment in the bowels the the Interwebs? castle both destruction the song and also think the laugh is top top us.

Throughout the Stormfront thread, many users perpetuated the idea that Kander and also Ebb cribbed a German individual song to create “Tomorrow Belongs come Me” — or possibly it to be Italian. Rather say the song was inspired by the main song that the Hitler Youth, “Es zittern die morschen Knochen” (“The rotten bones space trembling”), by Hans Baumann. No matter the origins, though, lock love it. I’ll save you and your computer system by offering screenshots (click to embiggen):



Spencer also responded to Kander and also hinted as much:.
JasonKanderIn all of their works, Kander and Ebb brilliantly channeled the atmosphere of Weimar Germany … and some other periods too…

— Richard