"Pretty tiny Liars" is a scintillating teenager thriller at this time in its fifth season on abc Family. The collection focuses top top a group of high institution friends who are stalked by a terrifying figure called "A," and also caught up in a secret that takes finish control of their lives.

In honor of the show"s Halloween pan appreciation special, which airs Tuesday in ~ 8:00 p.m. ET on alphabet Family, read on for 5 things you didn"t know around "Pretty tiny Liars." nice soon, Spencer Hastings won"t be the only know-it-all in town.

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1. Apple rose Grille, where the liars frequently hang the end in Rosewood, was when Luke"s Diner ~ above "Gilmore Girls."


Though Luke dance of "Gilmore Girls" would certainly not be captured dead serving drink out the mason jars, the set of his diner was undoubtedly transformed into Apple climbed Grille -- an ext commonly described as "The Grille" -- the liars" go to hang out in early seasons that the show. In fact, "Gilmore Girls" and also "Pretty small Liars" share many locations as they both movie on the Warner Bros. Midwest Street lot. Take note that Rosewood"s key street look at eerily comparable to downtown Stars hole -- and also that both towns share overlapping landmarks like the steeple church.

Besides "Pretty little Liars" and also "Gilmore Girls," Midwest Street can also be checked out in movies like "The Music Man" and also "Bonnie and Clyde," and in television shows like "The Dukes the Hazzard" and also "Hart of Dixie."


As everyone who"s seen its noir episode deserve to attest, "Pretty little Liars" is mindful of its secret predecessors, especially Alfred Hitchcock. However the special theme episode is not the show"s just nod to the classic filmmaker.

As MTV point out out, "Pretty tiny Liars" pays ethereal homage to Hitchcock throughout the series: the "it" coffee shop in Rosewood is referred to as Rear window Brew. The lost Woods Resort, the creepy motel whereby "A" (at that allude Mona) has a lair, is greatly reminiscent that the Bates Motel. And the Season 1 finale, "For who The Bell Tolls," referrals the plot the "Vertigo," once Ian is propelled from a bell tower come his death.

Showrunner I. Marlene King also overtly mentioned referencing the movie housing on the 2013 TCA Winter push tour, once she said that the then upcoming Season 3 finale would pay "homage come "North by Northwest."”

Writer of the noir episode Joseph Dougherty additionally acknowledged the movie housing in one interview with the Hollywood Reporter:

So lot of the visual elements of Pretty tiny Liars originates from a ar of respect for standard filmmaking: Hitchcock and the "40s. We"re writers that pay earlier the debts to the authors we loved the made united state turn into writers.


All "Pretty small Liars" fans recognize that the opening credits are simply as impressive as the present itself. And though the theme song feels prefer it was tailor-made because that the show, "Secret" was in reality an existing monitor by band The Pierces. "PLL" star Ashley Benson, that plays Hanna Marin on the show, is in reality the one who brought it to the fist of the show"s producers.

I have to take part credit here, since I was the one who carried that song to the producers and also told lock "You need to have this as the opening credits song." I"m a huge fan of The Pierces -- that"s the group who sings "Secret." i was listening come the song while we were filming in Vancouver and I to be like, "Oh my god, that"s the best song for the show." ns pitched it come the producers and the creator and they stated "Maybe," and it turned the end to it is in the song. So i couldn"t it is in happier. It"s just so spooky and also eerie, and also it"s perfect for the show.

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As plenty of fans know, previous "PLL" actress Bianca Lawson is a full-grown adult and has been playing a high schooler because her yes, really teenage years in the "90s. She remained in "Saved through the Bell: The brand-new Class," and also had guest-starring duties as Kendra in "Buffy the Vampire Slayer" and Nikki in "Dawson"s Creek."

But Lawson"s age discrepancy to be not distinct in the "Pretty small Liars" universe. The four main friends, that all play adolescents on the show, are at this time in your 20s and also have been since the first season in 2010: Ashley Benson (Hanna) is 24, Troian Bellisario (Spencer) is 28, Shay Mitchell (Emily) is 27, and also Lucy Hale (Aria) is 25.

In fact, the only key actress nearby to her character"s period is Sasha Pieterse (Ali), who is now only 18 years old -- definition by many estimates, she was in reality younger 보다 her character earlier in Season 1. Back it"s difficult to keep specific track, due to the fact that according to King, time moves a tiny differently in the "Pretty little Liars" universe. Speaking to selection in March, the showrunner said:

A the majority of outlandish things occur on "Pretty small Liars" -- prefer Spencer and also Emily getting trapped in a secure with a panicked equine -- which is exactly why fans love it. Yet somewhere in the fictional universe, the show has a sister collection with all the ideas the writers had actually that to be a small too out there.

In one interview with Vulture, King claimed the fictional collection is called "Strawberry patch Lane" and also is complete of things the writers brainstormed yet found "ultimately cheesy together opposed come shocking or engaging":

It usually needs to do through someone acquiring pregnant, or a pregnant scare, or Mona paris a helicopter. And I’m like: Strawberry patch Lane. And also it to be me who had the idea that A need to escape turn off the rooftop by jumping top top a helicopter ladder. And also I had actually to Strawberry Patch roadway my very own idea.

BONUS: Yani Gellman, that plays Officer Garrett Reynolds on "Pretty little Liars," is the exact same actor that played Italian pop star Paolo in 2003"s "The Lizzie McGuire Movie."

5 things You Didn't Know around 'Pretty tiny Liars,' also If You're On her 'A' Game