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Holly Dunn, age 59, to walk off into a beautiful southwestern sunset hand in hand through her Lord and also Savior ~ above November 14, 2016. Dunn to be born on august 22, 1957 come Yvonne Katherine Campbell Dunn and also Franklin Jerome Dunn, Sr. In san Antonio, TX. Holly had actually been battling a rare kind of ovarian cancer because February 2016.

This aboriginal of san Antonio, Texas burst ~ above the nation music scene in the mid-1980s, v a self-penned tribute to her preacher father called “Daddy’s Hands”. The song earned Holly’s very first two Grammy award nominations and set her turn off on a whirlwind career. End the course of the following 20+ years, Holly racked up 3 Grammy award nods, the Academy of country Music’s “New female Vocalist” compensation (1986)andthe nation Music Association"s “HORIZON AWARD.” (1987) In 1989 Hollywasinductedinto thefamed cool Ole Opry castand wasalsoawarded “SONGWRITER of THE YEAR”by BMI.

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Along the way, Hollyhosted her very own radio showon WWWWin Detroit, Michigan (1997),and for two years(1998-2000)was organize of TNN’S “OPRY BACKSTAGE” weekly tv show.

Holly toured the people extensivelythroughout her career. She recorded10 albums,and achievedat least top ten statusfor 14 of she singles, getting to the coveted number one spot 4 times. “MILESTONES,” her greatest hits package,was certified Gold shortly after it"srelease in1991.

Holly’s talents did not begin and end with music.Because she motherwas a talented oil painter, Holly thrived up witha organic love andtalent formaking well art as well. To that end,in 2003 Holly maintained a lengthy standing promise come herself and also walkedaway from the music organization to seek her passion for art.

She jokedin interviews throughout the yearsthat she just made music to pay because that her art supplies. Holly worked in pastel and mixed media with her favorite subjects being the icons and also architecture that the great Southwest.

Holly will certainly be celebrated on Friday through visitation at Dossman Funeral house in Belton, TX indigenous 5-7 PM. Her celebration of her life will be in ~ 1 pm on Saturday at Salado unified Methodist church in Salado TX with interment following in ~ the Salado Cemetery.

She is survived by her spouse, Dr. Melissa L. (Missy) Taylor; her 3 brothers, Dr. Franklin Jerome Dunn, Jr. And wife Connie the Irving, TX, Rodney Paul Dunn of Temple, TX, Christopher Waters Dunn and also wife Nissa of san Antonio, TX; and also numerous love nieces and also nephews and a lifetime of friends and also friends that are family.Holly"s family asks the anyone planning to attend the organization on Saturday please wear shining colors as they were she favorite.

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In lieu of flowers you re welcome send donations in Holly’s name to the GSC Foundation. The link provides direct accessibility to do donations come Mass general Hospital that has actually taken increase the worthy cause of detect a cure for ovarian carcinosarcoma.

To send a flower plan or come plant trees in memory of Holly Suzette Dunn, please click here to visit ours Sympathy Store.