Before MASH became a tv show, it was first a film directed by Robert Altman with a amazing cast. The perform of actors begins with Elliott Gould and Donald Sutherland, and also includes Robert Duvall, Sally Kellerman, and also Tom Skerritt. The story, actually a string of vignettes, was adjusted from the novel of the exact same name through Richard Hooker, and also the screenplay, created by Ring Lardner Jr., winner an Academy Award. The black comedy, collection during the oriental War in the 4077th cell phone Army, walk on to become a television collection and most of the actors complied with their own paths, v only among them deciding to do the change with the display from the huge to the small screen.

Donald Sutherland Played Hawkeye Pierce


Hawkeye to be a wisecracking, heavy drinking, womanizing, prank-pulling medical professional played through Donald Sutherland in the film. Sutherland was born in Canada in 1935. He has starred in more than 200 films. His career began with little parts, and also he had his first real break v The Dirty Dozen in 1967. In between this film and MASH, he had a number of roles. He has had far-ranging success due to the fact that the film, including Ordinary People, A Time to Kill, JFK, and also The Hunger games franchise. While the hasn’t been nominated because that an Oscar, he has won two golden Globes. Sutherland to be inducted right into the Canadian to walk of call in 2000. The married three times, and during his 2nd marriage, come Shirley Douglas in 1966, that fathered actor Kiefer Sutherland. Alan Alda played his role in the tv show.

Elliott Gould play Trapper John


Trapper john was a thoracic surgeon through a sardonic, deadpan sense of humor. Born in Brooklyn in 1938, Elliott Gould to be nominated for an Oscar for his power in Bob & Carol & Ted & Alice in 1969 before being cast as Trapper man in MASH. ~ MASH, Gould made numerous flops, then took a break from filmmaking. He went back to movies together Philip Marlowe in 1973’s The long Goodbye, a middle success, however then hit another bad streak. Even though his movie throughout the \"70s and also early \"80s were greatly flops, he remained enough of a star to hold Saturday Night Live 5 times. In Gould\"s later career, he\"s played supporting roles, on shows choose Friends and Ray Donovan, and also in the movies Ocean’s Eleven and also Ocean’s Twelve. On the tv show, Trapper man was play by Wayne Rogers.

Tom Skerritt Played duke Forrest


A surgeon who mutual a tent through Trapper John and Hawkeye, duke Forrest to be a character that did not make the change from the big to the tiny screen. Tom Skerritt apparently turned under the role, believing that the display would not be successful and so the function was dropped because that TV. Skerritt, born in 1933, make his movie debut in 1962 in battle Hunt. That had many television appearances prior to his duty on MASH, including Gunsmoke. Because his role in MASH, he remained busy, exhilaration in much more than 40 movies and much more than 200 tv shows. His credits incorporate Alien, top Gun, and Steel Magnolias. Skerritt winner a Primetime Emmy for his power in Picket Fences. In addition to his exhilaration career, he showed up in the title function of the Northwest Ballet’s manufacturing of Don Quixote and he started Heyou Media, a digital media company.

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Sally Kellerman play \"Hot Lips\" Houlihan


An RN that joined the military in 1942, Margaret “Hot Lips” Houlihan was the head nurse. In the film, she earn the nickname when, during a tryst through Frank Burns, she claims “kiss my hot lips,” which is broadcast via a hidden PA microphone. She was payed by Sally Kellerman in the film. Born in 1937, Kellerman made her film debut in 1957’s Reform college Girl. She had little television roles for a number of years, including appearances top top My three Sons and The external Limits. Return she appeared in other films, her big break came v MASH, for which she got an Oscar nomination for best actress in a sustaining role. She showed up in more Altman films. 1972, she exit her first album, Roll with the Feeling. Meanwhile, she ongoing acting in movie such together A small Romance, Foxes, and also Rodney Dangerfield’s earlier to School. She started to go back to singing, release a jazz and blues combination album, Sally, in 2009, and singing in clubs in new York and also LA. Loretta Swit play the duty on tv.

Robert Duvall play Frank Burns

Burns is one antagonistic high-strung major whose just friend is Margaret Houlihan, with whom that is having an affair. Robert Duvall play the duty in the film. Duvall, born in 1931, graduated from Principia College, whereby he studied drama. That made his debut in someone Up there Likes Me in 1956. He to be then cast as Boo Radley in 1962’s To kill A Mockingbird. After MASH, he showed up in Apocalypse Now, the an initial two Godfather movies, and Network. He has actually been nominated for 7 Academy Awards and also seven golden Globes; he has actually won four gold Globes, a sag award, a BAFTA, and an Emmy. In 2005, he obtained the national Medal that Arts. ~ above the tv show, his duty was play by Larry Linville.

Roger Bowen Played Henry Blake

A career army physician commissioned prior to world War II, Henry Blake regulates the 4077th. He is laid back and lacks strict military discipline. I get it Bowen, that played the function in the movie, did not think about acting his vocation, yet rather, a side job. He majored in English in ~ Brown and also his duty as Henry Blake to be his significant acting role. He composed 11 novels and also sketches for television and also Broadway. Bowen cofounded Chicago’s second City acting troupe. He endured a heart strike in 1996 and died. McLean Stevenson played Henry Blake on tv until he chose to leave the show after the an initial season.

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Rene Auberjonois Played Father man Mulcahy

The chaplain for the 4077th, father Mulcahy was dubbed “Dago Red” in the film. In spite of the derogatory nickname, he was treated through respect. In the film, Mulcahy to be played through Rene Auberjonois. The son of an imaginative family, Auberjonois knew he want to it is in an gibbs at the age of six and also had his an initial theater task at 16. The has appeared in theater, ~ above television, and also in films. In 1970, the year MASH was released, he winner a Tony for ideal Supporting or Featured actor in a musical because that his role in Coco. He has been in numerous movies and television shows, gift a constant on Boston Legal, Benson, and Star Trek Deep room Nine. The has also done voice occupational for television shows, video clip games, and also movies, many notably providing the voice for Chef louis in The tiny Mermaid. William Christopher play the function of Mulcahy top top the tv show.

Gary Burghoff Played Radar O\"Reilly

In the movie, Radar O\"Reilly is sneaky and also receives his nickname due to the fact that of his excellent hearing. He is the just character play by the exact same actor in both the movie and television series: Gary Burghoff. Before being actors as Radar, Burghoff had two television credits to his name and a theatre role. In 1967, he showed up as Charlie Brown in the off-Broadway manufacturing of you’re a great Man, Charlie Brown. After the film, he to be Radar in the tv show, back the tv character differed from the movie character. The left the television show in the seventh season to invest time v his family. That made constant television appearances transparent the ‘70s. However, his life take it him far from acting. He to be a spokesperson because that BP, IBM, and The has worked as a professional jazz drummer, and he stop patents for inventions. In 2010, the acted one much more time, in Daniel’s Lot.

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