We have totally fallen in love with “Whodunnit?” this summer and the crazy ride has actually finally come to an end.

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The present has been very great at keeping viewers confused regarding who is the killer every season, leaving very couple of clues for us to wade through and pin point the murderer and also although we at times have actually been nervous around Giles the servant being the killer, we were pleasantly surprised to learn that he to be not. So who was the killer?

We room left with Cris, Kam and Lindsey after Melina walk “missing” in a fog that smoke critical week and also with Giles all “tied up” by the killer, the 3 of them room on the hunt because that answers.

The group finds Melina dead in a secret room filled with “trophies” from all of the killer’s murders and Lindsey calls Cris out together the killer (who she has actually been speak is the killer due to the fact that the an extremely beginning). Cris states she has actually cases against both Lindsey and also Kam with Lindsey acting strange and also Kam knowing exactly how every murder was done and Kam calls an end to the alliance speak it’s every man and woman for themselves… he trusts no one.

The final challenge was a puzzle race, and also while the was a the majority of fun, we weren’t exactly crazy around the zombie corpses the the other houseguests walking roughly the mansion, due to the fact that it pulled us out of the murder mystery show and into some sort of walking Dead sci-fi series. There were some viewers the were claimed to have actually thought that world were yes, really being murdered as soon as the show very first started therefore it can be a means for abc to display that everyone’s still alive and also kicking in zombie form (even though there were “dead confessionals” in ~ the finish of every episode mirroring the exact same thing). The last clue sends out Kam and also Cris maximum floor to challenge the killer and sends Lindsey ago to the killer’s trophy room whereby she meets her end with an arrow to the throat.

We have thought because that a an excellent portion that the season the either Kam or Cris were going come come out on optimal as the winner and also we were partly right. Kam came out on height winning the show, i beg your pardon isn’t lot of a shocker because he not only had actually a good alliance that carried him far, but also found self at countless times through an advantage because of his deductive skills. Who was the killer? the turned out to be Cris who not only has actually never gotten a fear card, but additionally we rarely saw lot when it concerned her options to the murders.

Did you pick Cris as the killer and also did girlfriend think the Kam was going to win? If friend think that ABC demands to renew “Whodunnit?” because that a 2nd season prefer we do, friend should definitely take a look at here.

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LenaAugust 22, 2013
4:26 am

I was actually kind of disappointed in the ending. Why go she perform it? I wanted a entirety sad, twisted earlier story regarding why a beauty pageant queen would unexpectedly decide to death 11 people. Ns absolutely love every illustration of this present except the finale, which simply felt rushed and contrived come me. The remainder of it played out like an great old fashioned murder secret series, yet the final episode was prefer a hokey video game show.

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If girlfriend watched the episode where they walk horseback riding. When the recapped exactly how the murder was committed castle messed up and showed a blondish brown haired girl commiting the crime. So just jooking every the remainig contestant Cris was the only one who mathed the women they showed from behind.plus she was the only one on a black horse which is what the killer was ridding

Cris wasn’t picked until the end. The killer would have actually been everyone who got to the final room second. Plain and simple.