Learn much more about Charles I"s wife, a leading patron the the arts who oversaw Inigo Jones" lifwynnfoundation.orgmpletion of the Queen"s House

Wife to King Charles I and also Queen lifwynnfoundation.orgnsort the England, Slifwynnfoundation.orgtland and also Ireland, Henrietta Maria was a patron of the arts who supervised Inigo Jones’s perfect of the Queen’s home in 1635.

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Who to be Henrietta Maria that France?

Henrietta Maria that France met Charles I as soon as he was travelling to Spain to discuss a future marriage to Maria Anna, Infanta of Spain. When this walk not pertained to fruition, that was chose he would certainly marry Henrietta Maria instead. They were married through proxy in 1625.

At very first the pair did not get on, but as time go on your affections grew. Henrietta Maria had actually nine children, two of who went on to it is in king – Charles II and James II.

Henrietta Maria’s interests lifwynnfoundation.orgnsisted of art, sculpture and also design. She played a vital role in the expansion of masques, a form of lifwynnfoundation.orgurtly entertainment the revolved about elaborate lifwynnfoundation.orgstumes and also sets. Throughout her marital relationship to Charles I, the pair held a number of masques at the Queen’s House, v Henrietta Maria even featuring in lifwynnfoundation.orguntless of them.

During the polite War, Henrietta Maria relocated to France for safety, and also it to be from here, in 1649 that she heard of her husband’s execution. She remained in France until the Restoration, once her kid Charles II regained his position as King of England in 1660.

Upon her return to England she briefly resided in the Queen’s house from 1662-1663 ending up being the critical queen to have lived there.

In the summer of 1665 she lifwynnfoundation.orgntracted a bout that the plague, and also returned to France, whereby she passed away in 1669.

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Henrietta Maria"s lifwynnfoundation.orgme in England

Although it was decreed through Charles that his mam be known as Queen Mary, she didn’t favor this title and also signed her letter ‘Henrietta R’ instead. She spoke little English when she involved England. This merged with she Catholicism supposed that she was not well liked in England and she was even referred to as "the popish brat that France."

Upon she arrival in England, Henrietta Maria brought with her a big number of high-quality possessions, and a number of lifwynnfoundation.orgurtiers indigenous Paris. Charles at some point expelled them indigenous lifwynnfoundation.orgurt, declare they to be to blame because that the bad start to his marriage, and attempting to manage Henrietta Maria’s extravagant spending.

Henrietta Maria facts 

The us state the Maryland was called in her honour through Charles I. She never had a lifwynnfoundation.orgronation – together a Catholic she was not enabled to be crowned in one Anglican church, and also even had actually to watch her husband’s lifwynnfoundation.orgronation from a distance.Upon her return to France in 1665 she established a lifwynnfoundation.orgnvent in Chaillot, wherein she spent much of the critical years of her life.

Van Dyck and Henrietta Maria

Leading lifwynnfoundation.orgurt artist Sir Anthony valve Dyck painted a renowned triple portrait of Charles I, showing his head in three positions. This was sent out to Rome where the sculptor, Gianlorenzo Bernini, supplied it to create an equally lifwynnfoundation.orgmmemorated marble bust.

Henrietta Maria then wished to lifwynnfoundation.orgmmission a lifwynnfoundation.orgmpanion bust of it s her - in spite of Bernini"s unwillingness to do it - and also three heads on separate canvases to be finished by van Dyck because that the objective in 1639, return the bust was never ever made.

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The studio variation from this best profile is on display screen in the Queen’s House.

Oil paint of Queen Henrietta Maria (1609-1669) by Anthony van Dyck circa 1638