I have two execution on this PC, Argent and Kiss. Ns imagined it was Kiss, yet the Argent one sound older, together it were.

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For some factor i almost choked laughing at that!


I don"t know for sure yet my assumption: v is the Argent version is the original. My recollection is Argent was only approximately in the early to mid 70"s and Kiss came along around mid-70"s.

I don"t understand for sure yet my guess is the Argent version is the original. My recollection is Argent to be only about in the at an early stage to mid 70"s and Kiss come along around mid-70"s.

The Kiss variation came the end in the ninties for this reason I would certainly agree lock didn"t compose it. If ns were at residence I could inspect the CD for composing credits however i"m not.

Pretty sure it to be a Christian rock band referred to as Petra. I recognize for sure "it was" a Christian band though. And it is an old song. Good one too. Kiss walk not write that tune. Petra could have simply redone it.



Yes, i do understand that...I was reasoning that due to the fact that Paul and also Gene really get around in track writing circles that probably they were "in on" the initial version writing.

Yes, ns do know that...I was reasoning that since Paul and Gene yes, really get about in track writing circles that maybe they were "in on" the initial version writing.



On Gene Simmons" Rock college he played that song acoustic and also he stated that it"s a track he wrote. I understand for a truth that the Argent version was out way before the KISS version. The course that doesn"t average that Simmons/Stanley/Ezrin couldn"t of had actually a hand in writing it.


Though ns think they gave themselves writing credits due to the fact that they reworked several of the lyrics.

Yes, ns do recognize that...I was thinking that because Paul and Gene really get around in track writing one that possibly they to be "in on" the original version writing.



No Ballard composed it well prior to they were in anything. Lock conspired top top this because Ballard wrote the soundtrack for the Bill and Ted movie in which that appeared.

well... The bill& ted soundtrack version is called "God provided Rock and Roll to You II"... Supposedly the sequel.

Well, in the original, God provided rock and roll to you, yet didn"t placed it in her soul. Therefore the sequel was wherein he placed it in your spirit (for everyone). It was his means of "rev-bumping" the absent "n" roll regarding keep with the times. It"s like Windows Update. Every few years, God gives you an ext rock "n" roll, and adds some brand-new enhancements. Ns think the 2010 variation will include an easy rhythm for all white human being in your feet to dance to said rock "n" roll without looking choose Elaine native Sienfeld. Because it"s together a huge improvement, he"s going come say this will be revision 3.0 instead of originally widening on the 2.0 platform.edit: Yes, ns do work-related for a corporation. Why perform you ask?


The KISS version"s surname is "God gave Rock & roll To you II". It"s based upon the original, but not a direct cover. They just liked the theme.

Worst Kiss tune ever!!When They would play that live....I would certainly go gain a beer at the consession stand. I hate that tune!

Rufus!!!WILD STALLIONSWe"ve got build an excellent robot us"es to defeat the evil robot us"es.STATION!Bill: yes sir Ted, George Washington. One: the dad of our country. Ted: Two: born ~ above President"s Day. Bill: Three: the dollar invoice guy. Ted: Bill, go you ever made a mushroom out of his head? Bill: Ted? Ted: What? Bill: Alaska. Ted: OK. Um... Ted: had wooden teeth, chased Moby Dick. Bill: That"s Captain Ahab, dude.

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Petra videotaped the song ago in the mid 70"s, but they credit the tune to Russ Ballard. However, they additionally took liberties with the lyrics...they did no sing the very same lyrics Ballard wrote. Ns think KISS did their version of the song in the 90s.

Kiss wrote it in the 90"s, climate hopped in the phone call booth with Bill and Ted and went into the past and also tought it come Argent. DUH!

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