Bassist and singer Phil Lynott (1949 - 1986, left) and also drummer Brian Downey, of ireland rock group Thin Lizzy, rehearsing in London, 1973. (Photo through Michael Putland/Getty Images)

WOW – currently THAT’S a Story!

Thin Lizzy space undoubtably among the many underrated bands in rock history, however they are likewise one of the best. Throughout the Phil Lynott years, the band had a style and also charisma that were often imitated, yet never ever duplicated. And also they still lugged that same exuberance also through come today.

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Though they room as underrated together they are, they have actually one of the greatest song catalogues filled to the brim with timeless music, no the least of i m sorry is their most well-known hit “The guys Are ago In Town”, which as it transforms out, has a pretty crazy story behind it…

UNITED KINGDOM – JUNE 22: WEMBLEY empire POOL photograph of Phil LYNOTT and THIN LIZZY, Phil Lynott performing live onstage (Photo by Fin Costello/Redferns)

Here’s the story. When Phil to be a child his mother Philomena in reality ran one illegal drink den in Manchester, England. Phil was regularly with his mom in this den. Several of her most regular returning customers to be members that the Quality Street Gang.

So, because that years, Phil would invest his time observing the gang, your mannerisms, the method they talk, the way they fight, everything. Every one of this observing eventually inspired that to compose a song about them dubbed “The guys Are back In Town”.

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UNITED KINGDOM – march 12: HAMMERSMITH ODEON photo of thin LIZZY and Phil LYNOTT, Phil Lynott performing ~ above stage, full length (Photo by Pete Cronin/Redferns)

The tune itself got to unprecedented heights and also is quiet a massive hit today. The song peaked at the height 10 slot ~ above the charts in the joined States, Canada, Ireland, and also the unified Kingdom. To today it continues to be the band’s greatest hit and can be viewed in plenty of commercials and movies aside from regular radio air time.

It’s funny just how random experiences deserve to inadvertently finish up producing a timeless rock song such together this one. It makes you wonder if the gang could’ve ever before guessed the they would certainly inspire such a classic hit. Renders you wonder, walk someone ever before write a song about you without you also knowing it?