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"Hard come Handle" is a 1968 track written through American spirit star Otis Redding together with Al Bell and also Allen Jones. Originally recorded through Redding, it was released in 1968 together the B-side to "Amen" (shortly after ~ the singer"s sudden fatality in 1967). The song likewise appears ~ above the 1968 album The Immortal Otis Redding. Redding"s version reached #38 top top the Billboard R&B charts and also #51 ~ above the popular music charts. Many covers that the song exist, many notably a 1990 blues rock take on the track by tape The black Crowes. More »

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BabyHere ns amI"m the man on the sceneI can give you what friend wantBut you acquired to go house with meI forgot some an excellent old lovin"And I got some in storeWhen I obtain to throwin" the on youYou obtained to come back for moreBoys and things the come through the dozenThat ain"t nothin" however drug keep lovin"Pretty small thing, let me light your candle"Cause mama I"m sure tough to handle, now, it s okay aroundAction speaks louder than wordsAnd I"m a male with a good experienceI understand you acquired you another manBut I deserve to love you much better than himTake mine hand, don"t be afraidI wanna prove every word ns sayI"m advertisin" love because that freeSo, won"t you place your ad with meBoys will certainly come a dime by the dozenBut the ain"t nothin" however ten cent lovePretty small thing, let me light your candle""Cause mama I"m sure difficult to handle, now, it s okay aroundBaby, here I amI"m a male on the sceneI can give you what you wantJust come go house with meI forgot some good old lovin"And I gained some in storeWhen I gain through throwin" the onYou acquired to come back for moreBoy will certainly come a dime by the dozenBut that ain"t nothin" however drug save lovePretty small thing, permit me light her candle"Cause mama I"m sure hard to handle, now, correct aroundGive it to meI obtained to have itGive me some good "ole lovin"Some that your an excellent lovin"

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Otis Redding Otis beam Redding, Jr. (September 9, 1941 – December 10, 1967) was an American singer and songwriter, document producer, arranger, and also talent scout. Considered one the the major figures in heart music and also rhythm and blues, and also one of the biggest singers in the history of famous music, his singing style influenced other soul artist of the 1960s, and he aided to handmade the short-living and an effective style of R&B that formed the communication of the Stax Sound.

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After showing up at the 1967 Monterey popular music Festival, he wrote and also recorded "(Sittin" On) The Dock the the Bay" with Steve Cropper, which ended up being the very first posthumous number-one document on both the Billboard hot 100 and also R&B charts ~ his fatality in a plane crash. The Dock the the Bay reached number one ~ above the UK A… an ext »