Dogs room mammals, and also as such, female dog feed their puppies the way that practically any other mammal does. They have actually mammary glands that develop milk, an especially in solution to pregnancy.

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What walk it median when her dog no pregnant, but their nipples begin to swell up? They might like red and swollen or come to be engorged, seeming prefer they are prepared for puppies.

There are rather a couple of reasons that this could be happening, and also many the them shouldn’t be a reason for alarm. If friend think the the problem looks severe, though, climate it is ideal to consult her vet or take her pup in for an evaluation.


Why space My dogs Nipples Swollen?

Female dogs v swollen mammary glands have to be it was observed carefully, specifically if this is the end of the ordinary for her dog. Swollen nipples can even indicate a life-threatening medical condition and also should be cure seriously.

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1. Mastitis

Mastitis is among the much more common reasons that puffy nipples take place in a dog that has recently provided birth. Your dog’s nipples will additionally be a little bit swollen or enlarged from your normal problem once they become pregnant and nursing.

Mastitis might reason painful ede in your nipples past even the condition that they take it on as soon as they room pregnant. The occurs when your dog’s nipples become infected throughout their parenting period. They will gain much an ext swollen and also feel painful come touch. When they space suffering indigenous mastitis, your milk becomes toxic in the infected nipples. It most regularly occurs in ~ the an initial two weeks of carrying puppies.

There space two species of mastitis: galactostasis and acute septic mastitis. In galactostasis, the milk the collects in the mammary glands is what create the painful infection. Acute septic mastitis method that bacteria go into the mammary gland and also cause quite a painful infection.

Symptoms usual in mastitis include:

refusal to nurse Discolored milk Blood in the milk Crying Lethargy Lumpy, pained nipples Dehydration
If you think the your dog can be enduring from mastitis, you must call your vet. If left untreated, the condition can finish up dispersing quickly and also becoming fatal.

2. Mammary Gland Tumor

Image Credit: Velimir Zeland, ShutterstockA scary opportunity for swollen nipples is a tumor in the mammary gland. It is similar to the way that humans have the right to have breast cancer. A tumor in the mammary gland will commonly only impact female dogs since it is not a kind of tissue that male dogs typically develop.

A tumor top top the mammary gland will take place in a massive growth approximately the dog’s nipples, return it have the right to vary in that is location. The color can additionally vary from red come purple. It deserve to be either tough or soft and will generally build into an abscess.

It is finest to proceed taking her dog to the veterinarian when or double a year therefore they can proceed to offer them physicals and also check for any type of signs of cancer. If you see bleeding near the nipple, it can be from progressed cancer that the mammary gland.

There are fairly a couple of types the cancers top top the mammary gland, ranging from malignant to benign. A bright tumor will frequently grow quite slowly and also is smooth. A malignant tumor will often thrive quickly however erratically and also take top top an irregular shape.

If you doubt that her dog is occurring a tumor on their mammary glands, take them in because that a checkup immediately.

3. Common Heat Cycles

Image Credit: Kotova Miroslava, ShutterstockThere are organic reasons that your dog might have swollen nipples. If her dog hasn’t been spayed, she is an ext likely come go v a “heat” cycle.

A mrs dog has four stages the estrus. The proestrus and estrus stages room what breeders speak to “being in heat.” it will usually last for about 21 days. These stages are adhered to by diestrus and also anestrus.

During the an initial two stages, their vulva will swell, and also they could experience a bloody discharge. Throughout these warm stages, the mammary glands will certainly swell slightly in preparation for pregnancy. They can not reduce in size until after ~ the 2nd two step of warm are finished, yet this do not do it be a cause for alarm.

If you room unaccustomed to see a dog go with her warm stages or space concerned around something various this time, talk to your veterinarian around what come expect.

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4. Pregnancy

If over there is any type of chance the your dog is pregnant, then you should expect her nipples come swell. Lock will gain much bigger than they did throughout the heat stages. The gestation duration lasts in between 58 to 68 days, during which they will steadily acquire larger. Then, castle will keep their size until the puppies have actually been weaned off your milk for a while.

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There are quite a few reasons the your dog could be experiencing swollen nipples. If friend are ever concerned around something being out of the ordinary, though, friend should contact your veterinarian. As a responsible dog owner, that is always much better to be safe than sorry.

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