On now in 1863, Abraham Lincoln provided his Gettysburg Address, widely taken into consideration one of the best speeches in American history. However even today, there are still a couple of points about the speech that room misunderstood.

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For example, some human being think the President Lincoln took small time to prepare the speech because that November 19, 1863, an presumption based on decades of rumors and also folklore. And also there are some other an ext legitimate disputes, such as the precise location of whereby the speech to be given.

Here's a testimonial of seven myths and mysteries about the Address.

1. Lincoln created the decided on the earlier of one envelope

This is possibly the best myth around the Gettysburg Address. Lincoln began working ~ above his remarks soon after the fight was combated in July 1863, according to Lincoln experts. Numerous drafts that the speech additionally exist the were written prior to November 19, 1863.

2. Lincoln composed the speech on the train ride from Washington to Gettysburg

That’s another large myth the is easy to debunk. The draft duplicates of the speech are in Lincoln’s normal, steady handwriting. Provided the bumpy nature of train take trip in 1863, at least one of the drafts would have actually uneven handwriting. What is well-known is the Lincoln didn’t have a final version that the speech done till he arrived in Gettysburg.

3. Lincoln skipping the native “under God” kind the original speech

We’ve reported on this story before and it is true the two at an early stage drafts that the decided don’t have the native “under God” in the copy. Yet at least 4 newspaper accounts, composed by reporters in the audience, include the indigenous in the transcript of the live speech, and they to be in three added versions of the speech composed by Lincoln after the event.

4. Where precisely did Lincoln give the speech?

That is a allude that is still contested. That course, the speech was in Gettysburg, but the question is where was the place of the speakers’ platform? One modern theory is the the decided was given from a platform inside Evergreen Cemetery, which was next to the Soldiers national Cemetery the was being dedicated.

5. How countless known photographs room there the Lincoln giving the speech?

There room no images of Lincoln providing the speech and also there is one confirmed snapshot of him at the event called the Bachrach photo. There may be a second picture, based on recent claims about another photo that consists of the photo of a guy with a beard and also a stove height hat in the crowd close to the platform.

6. Walk Lincoln provide the “real” Gettysburg Address?

Technically, famed orator Edward Everett was the featured speaker of the day and he spoke for about two hours prior to Lincoln do his brief “dedicatory remarks.”

7. Did everyone love the speech after Lincoln gave it?

Everett certainly liked it and he called Lincoln, "I have to be glad, if I can flatter myself the I come as near to the main idea of the occasion, in two hours, together you did in two minutes." Pro-Union papers praised it.

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The speech was interrupted through applause, yet how much applause and also when it happened is still a topic of debate. However Democrats quickly criticized the speech, because they were Lincoln’s avowed enemies north of the Mason-Dixon line. A correspondent because that the times of London called the speech “dull and commonplace.” The Chicago Times declared Lincoln insulted the fallen soldiers the consciousness was claimed to honor. Another critic, a Harrisburg newspaper, had harsher comments (and just apologized for them in 2013).