Forever eye-catching and also fashionable, white steeds were often ridden by knights or gifted come royalty.

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The most common white horse breeds space the Lipizzan, Camargue, Connemara, Boulonnais, and Shagya Arabian. Most of this breeds have actually been selectively bred over centuries for their distinctive white coat for owner to present off.

But are white equines really white? while this could seem like a rhetorical question, it’s a dispute equestrian and laypeople regularly have.

As a matter of fact, true white steeds are incredibly rare. They room born and also stay white throughout your lives and also are commonly dark-eyed through pink skin. What most human being refer to together “white horses” room actually either gray or cream.

Below, we have actually gathered some beautiful steed breeds that screen one that the three types of white coat colors.

Hare space 9 typical white horse breeds:


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This white horse breed is renowned for performing ~ above the dressage shows of the Spanish Riding institution in Vienna, Austria. Lipizzans not just make elegant talk horses but are also talented in carriage driving.

Gray is the dominant shade in the Lipizzan breed, return bay and also black horses also occur. Lipizzan foals are born black and also whiten out over the years. They typically mature right into a elevation of 14.2 to 16.1 hands.

The Lipizzan each other takes its name from the call Lipizza Stud situated in modern Slovenia. Indigenous the 18th century, Lipizzan horses were selectively bred to it is in gray together this was the preferred shade of the Habsburg imperial family.

This baroque-type breed is able to perform highly complicated classical dressage moves. They can also be trained because that haute école or “above the air” dressage, which is the many advanced type of classic riding.

Lipizzan equines are most renowned in nations of middle and eastern Europe. Although they take longer to mature, Lipizzans are long-lived and can work-related well into their 20’s.

Camargue Horse


The Camargue is a distinctive white horse breed that roams the marshlands of southern France. They are well-known subjects the filmmakers and photographers, who space keen on recording entire herds galloping v the water.

Camargue horses are specifically gray and also become lighter together they age. They space hardy and agile through a short, compact body and a height variety of 13.1-14.3 hands.

This indigenous French breed has been life in the Camargue region for thousands of years. The Camargue Horse has stayed pure since prehistoric times and also is possibly one of the oldest steed breeds still in existence. Over the centuries, they have actually influenced the advance of numerous Spanish breeds.

The history of the Camargue equine is very closely intertwined with the livestock herders that the region known together “gardians”. They usage Camargue mounts for the monitoring of both cattle and also semi-feral horses.

Due come their exceptional stamina and intelligence, Camargue Horses additionally excel in endurance riding and dressage. They regularly take component in traditional Camargue occasions such as the cattle-herding video game “abrivado”.

American Cream Draft

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Our next white horse breed is the American Cream Draft, known for its characteristics coat color and also gentle temperament. Its light cream coloration is brought about by a dilution in the chestnut base color triggered through the “champagne gene”.

American Cream Drafts can be all over from irradiate to dark cream. All equines must have actually pink skin, amber eyes, and also white manes and tails. They have a muscular body and also stand between 15 come 16.3 hands.

The American Cream draft is at this time the only draft horse breed with origins in the united States. That dates back to one foundation mare referred to as Old Granny that was born in Iowa roughly the beforehand 1900s.

After the mechanization of agriculture in the at an early stage 20th century, the variety of horses has actually dropped drastically. While numbers space still critical, several breeding programs have actually launched to conserve the each other from extinction.

Their agricultural duty might have subsided, yet American Cream Drafts additionally make fabulous carriage horses and also often show up on shows and parades.

Connemara Pony

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The Connemara is one Irish sporting activities pony breed the is regularly gray in color. Intelligent and versatile, Connemara Ponies space most renowned in the brothers Isles and also the unified States.

Although gray is the many common color in the breed, Connemaras can also be bay, brown, black, chestnut, palomino, or dun. They room the perfect speak pony with a well-proportioned body and also are typically 12.2 to 15 hand tall.

The ancestors the the modern-day Connemara were likely the ponies that the Vikings. It is possible that the breed has had Spanish influence, alongside Arabian, Hackney, and Thoroughbred bloodlines.

Due to extensive crossbreeding, a breed culture has opened in 1923 in order come protect and improve the initial Connemara Pony. Additionally known as the national horse breed of Ireland, Connemaras have overcame the mind of children and adults across the globe.

Its harsh organic habitat made this pony breed incredibly hardy and also sure-footed. Hence, Connemaras not just do fine in timeless disciplines but likewise make good endurance and also carriage driving.

Camarillo White Horse


The just true white horse breed, the Camarillo White steed is distinctive in every sense. The each other itself is merely 100 year old and very rare, with possibly much less than 20 purebreds left!

Unlike gray horses, Camarillos room born white and retain their color throughout your lives. They additionally have pink skin and dark eyes, which are common of a true white horse. Members the the breed are of a sleek build, with strong limbs and also expressive eyes.

All pure and also crossbred Camarillo White steeds trace ago to one starting stallion called Sultan. Adolfo Camarillo purchase the Mustang stallion in California and also started developing the brand-new breed in 1921. His family retained exclusive property of all Camarillo horses until 1987.

Four year later, over there were only 11 Camarillo steeds left, which motivated the formation of a each other association. The studbook because that the breed remained open to permit for entry from other breeds and also avoid inbreeding.

Breeders the Camarillo White equines must very closely consider genetics, as crossing two white horses lug a 25% chance of creating no live foal. To avoid this risk, breeders have actually been cross white and also non-white horses, leading to at least fifty percent the foals gift born white.

Shagya Arabian


This white equine breed is classed together a part-bred rather than a kind of Arabian together it also has non-Arabian breeding. Shagya Arabians are almost always gray and are excellent endurance athletes.

Learn about the other species of Arabian equines here.

Other 보다 gray, members of the each other can likewise be black, only or chestnut. They was standing taller than an median Arabian horse, v a height of 15 to 16 hands. They additionally have a stronger bone structure, yet still maintain the common looks of Arabian horses.

The breed takes its name from among the establishing stallions dubbed Shagya, who was a purebred Arabian. It emerged in the Austro-Hungarian Empire throughout the 1800s, when imported Arabian sires were crossed with regional part-bred Arab mares.

The Shagya Arabian is most usual in middle and also eastern Europe but has also made it to countries roughly the world. In the past, they offered as mounties horses, yet today space only supplied for recreation.

Shagya Arabians are well-known sports steeds worldwide, particularly in three-day eventing and also endurance. Castle are likewise a an excellent choice for carriage driving.

Boulonnais Horse


Also recognized as the “White Marble Horse”, the Boulonnais’ main coat color is gray. This heavy French equine breed is well known for its exceptional elegance and refinement.

Boulonnais horses have the right to be either gray, chestnut, or black. Castle stand between 14.3 come 16.3 hand in height and have a robust develop with short legs and also an elegant head.

Today’s Boulonnais Horses have inherited their fine looks indigenous Andalusian, Arabian, and Barb bloodlines that an unified with the breed in the 17th century. The Boulonnais itself has played crucial role in the production of several modern draft breeds such together the Italian heavy Draft or the Ardennes.

During the two people Wars, the breed to be a an important asset to the French army where they pulled supply wagons and also artillery. The finish of the battles has additionally brought a sharp decrease in the Boulonnais populace and numbers have actually remained low ever since.

More recently, the French national Stud has arisen a breeding program to create a faster and more agile Boulonnais steering horse. The program entails crossing Boulonnais horses with Arabians and also also intends to bring brand-new blood into the breed.


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Another hefty white horse breed is the Percheron, the most popular of all French breeze breeds in the world. Elegant and agile, this giant horse breed does fine both in harness and under saddle.

The official colors of the Percheron space gray and black. They selection enormously in height, indigenous 15 hand to a staggering 19 hands. Heavy feathering and also excessive white markings are discouraged in the breed.

As point out in our war equine breeds guide, the Percheron dates earlier to 17th century France wherein it was generally used in battle. After the decrease of heavy cavalry, their function shifted come pulling coaches and also draft work.

At the revolve of the 19th century, the breed received an infusion of Arabian blood for extra refinement and endurance.

Today, Percherons are most renowned in France and also the united States, but they additionally occur in Britain and Australia. They still retain their uses in agriculture and forestry and also work in advertising.

Percherons have actually played a duty in enhancing several draft steed breeds, such together the Ardennes or the Vladimir heavy Draft. Your warmblood crosses make great competition horses and also have been successful in the hunter/jumper and dressage ring.

Orlov Trotter


The last white equine breed ~ above our perform is the Orlov Trotter, a mainly gray Russian breed. They are taller and more refined than rival trotting breeds, although rather slower.

Almost fifty percent of every Orlov Trotters are gray in color however black, bay, and rarely chestnut horses likewise occur. Your average height is in between 15.5 to 16 hands. Orlov Trotters have actually a muscular body with solid legs and tendons appropriate for harness racing.

All contemporary Orlov Trotters trace ago to a grey Arabian stallion called Smetanka, who stayed in the 18th century. His offspring were crossed v mares from several European bloodlines to create the graceful and also hard-working Orlov Trotter.

Initially the pleasure horse of Russian nobility, the breed often received worship for the beauty and also elegance. Number of Russian horse breeds today have Orlov bloodlines in their ancestry.

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As exploit racing got popularity, the became apparent that American Standardbreds outperform Orlov Trotters.

The constant crossing of the two breeds resulted in near extinct of the Orlov Trotter. Luckily, countless studs in Russia and also Ukraine are now dedicated to preserving and also improving this precious breed.