It is the belief of two of mine friends the Frodo and also Biblo and also all to be going to Valinor to die. Regardless of mine attempts come disuade them native this assumption, they refused to hear to me. Ns was wonder if there is any actual integrity in that belief, and also thus top those here who might know better than I.

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Well they weren"t going to Valinor in order to die... Inevitably, yes, they would die, and also they knew this. However they just really visited the undying lands due to the fact that of what the Ring had actually done come them and their bodies... That was beyond anything that center Earth might do to heal them therefore they went to the U.L. To be complimentary of earthly pains. ... Ns think...

That"s what I had told them, however I guess they just dumb or something...

No reason for the "....i think...." in there BlackCaptain, friend nailed it.

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And an additional thing: my friends additionally seem to it is in obsessed with the idea the Frodo and Sam space homosexually inclined. Unbelievable, isn"t it? i cannot even begin to explain how tiny they it seems ~ to know Tolkien. Nor deserve to I even start to conflict how man that insurance claim is, as there"s so much information, facts, etc. Against it that i don"t also know whereby to begin!