JESSE LEACH to be 'Super Insecure' around Rejoining KILLSWITCH engage After HOWARD JONES's Exit

July 8, 20210Comments

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KILLSWITCH ENGAGE singer Jesse Leach speak to the "Talk Toomey" podcast around his decision to collaborate with the band"s previous vocalist Howard Jones on "The Signal Fire", a track from KILLSWITCH"s latest album, "Atonement". He claimed (as spelling, orthography by "When I originally joined <KILLSWITCH in 2012>, i was at sight insecure around Howard>, "cause the dude"s acquired a voice the steel. Let"s be genuine — he"s an exceptional vocalist. And for me, it take it pushing through my insecurity and also realizing the I absolutely have a distinctive style. I"m not always on an essential — I"m a little sloppy; I"m sort of a punk rocker — however my heart and also soul is there one hundred percent. So ns think for what I can lack in technique I consist of for in simply sheer determination to deliver the goods… So, for me, that was getting over myself. And the guys had their worries too — let"s be real. That wasn"t me at first. I"m, like, "I don"t care. I"m simply happy to it is in out here doing this." So as soon as all the unspoken shit to be said and done and also everything to be squashed, it type of popped into my head of, like, "Why space we not doing this? He"s back out right here doing his thing." in ~ the time, it was DEVIL you KNOW. And I was, like, "Dude, he"s death it. And also he"s putting forth his finest efforts and also he"s not providing up." and I respect the shit out of that… and the truth he obtained his health and wellness in check, i beg your pardon is a entirety other thing. And it simply kind of felt favor a no-brainer."

He continued: "When we began to work-related on "Atonement", we had already become friends. And also he come out to among our shows, and I type of hit it off through him. Ns was, like, "Dude, we have a many in common." and also flash forward to the finish of the night, Howard and also I space annoying the whole bus through blasting hip-hop. Us both knew the words to the very same songs, and we were simply laughing about a most shit. And also then hearing those men tell jokes, the whole night — that very first night once we all hung out — was simply fun, and also it just kind that clicked. Ns was, like, "Let"s lug him in for a song." then I began working on "The Signal Fire", and also I was, like, "This is the perfect song. It"s about unity." and also from that, it was, like, anytime he"s around, if we witnessed him in ~ a festival, "Come onstage. Do "The finish Of Heartache". Here"s her mic. Go. I"m gonna walk drink on the next of the stage and also watch this shit. It"s fucking awesome." and also yeah, we simply clicked. And also I"d text him back and forth. As soon as we an initial started ending up being friends, the was consistent texting ago and forth, just fast friends. And we"ve let that settle. We both gained busy, basically. I"ve got a the majority of respect and also love for the dude, and he"s an tremendous vocalist — period. And also I really love what he"s doing with LIGHT THE TORCH. Ns think he"s just killing it, man."

Leach added: "I think it"s crucial for the fans to know that there"s no poor blood Howard> anymore. Surname a band that"s yes, really done that. There"s so much bullshit. People permit the drama and all that shit to acquire in the way. That cares what people think? ns don"t offer a shit anymore. And I"m happy to have Howard jump on stage with us and also tour v us through his brand-new band. Why the crap not, man? I"m stand on his shoulders with my career. If that didn"t do what that did, ns wouldn"t be where I am, for this reason why the fuck would we no reciprocate that? So i think it"s just all about keeping the in the family. And also if we can aid LIGHT THE TORCH out, so it is in it. At some point they might assist us out. We never know."

Leach appeared on KILLSWITCH"s self-titled debut and also sophomore album, "Alive Or simply Breathing", prior to exiting the band. Jones took over on vocals because that "The end Of Heartache", "As Daylight Dies" and also the 2009 self-titled set before being dismissed indigenous the team nine year ago.

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