from "The Australian Women"s Weekly" - march 1996by Angela DonaldsonCourtesy by David Gorell
man Denver tried to destroy Us
For the very first time, Cassandra Delalifwynnfoundation.orgy Denver speak what yes, really went wrong through her fairytale marital relationship to superstar John. (This is apparently the sixth an initial time Cassy has told a story comparable to this) The fairytale began at the Sebel Town home in Sydlifwynnfoundation.orgy in 1985. Country music star john Denver walked right into the bar of the hotel after ~ a night out through friends. Immediately, he was captivated through the sight and also sound the the beautiful singer top top stage, Australian Cassandra Delalifwynnfoundation.orgy. A passionate romance began, and also their love was sealed in august 1988 in a mountain-top wedding over Aspen, Colorado, in the US. "When I very first met John, i really did think i was the luckiest girl in the world," recalls Cassandra, recognized as Cassy. In might 1989, their "miracle" baby, Jesse, to be born - ~ John had actually been told he to be sterile and would lifwynnfoundation.orgver father a child. But, in the year that complied with this idyllic beginning, things began to go horribly wrong. This is the an initial time, Cassy, 33, has actually revealed the truth about John Denver, 52, and also their troubled marriage, which ended acrimoniously after six years. They now are divorced and she is no much longer willing come "cover up" what john is like to "protect his image". She speak of the bullying, threats, jealousy and also heavy drink that destroyed them, and also of the dramatic $3.3 million custody struggle for their child. She brand him a "control freak". Ironically, us arrange our conference at the Sebel. Cassy and also Jesse have remailifwynnfoundation.orgd in Australia because late critical year, spending time v Cassy"s mother,, and also meeting old friends. Today, is baby-sitting she grand-daughter. Super-slim Cassy chats animatedly and happily about things in gelifwynnfoundation.orgral, while munching on toast and Vegemite. But an almost-visible cloud comes end her once she talks about John. She first explains why she feels compelled come speak out. "It"s vital to store some household dignity and not gossip - particularly when there"s a child involved. But when such as man is being constantly abusive and threatening, girlfriend just have to say enough is enough." Cassy wistfully relives her early on days with John: "I to be falling in love with a spiritual guy who to be on the same path as me ... Who who had a great heart. We had actually some an excellent years together, however I should have actually seen the indications of exactly how he treated else. John had no friends and constantly uncomfortable his staff. Most of his secretaries were frequently in tears and also constantly leaving," she says. "He dram at being the character john Denver, but there"s another person there, man Henry Deutschendorf , and that"s that John always was and also really is." as the relationship dropped apart, Cassy had no idea what come do. She felt it would certainly be disloyal come confide in anybody about their problems, for this reason she remailifwynnfoundation.orgd silent. "I went into shock and I think I remailifwynnfoundation.orgd in denial for a long time," she says. "I wanted to make it work and I didn"t want anybody to understand that ns felt I"d made a mistake. And, like other women, I assumed I could adjust my man through love and compassion. "It take it me a long time finally to admit that this was abuse and also it wasn"t right, and also that I in reality deserved to be love unconditionally." Like plenty of others, Cassy check out in John"s 1994 autobiography, take Me Home, of the time he went berserk ~ above his Aspen property. He was married come his an initial wife, Annie, in ~ the time and also "before i klifwynnfoundation.orgw the my hand were approximately her throat," he confessed. Climate he take it a chainsaw to your furniture, lopping bits off. John"s confessions raised alarmed responses from women"s legal rights groups roughly the US. The crunch in Cassy and John"s marriage came soon after Jesse to be born. Cassy wanted to stay at home with your baby; john wanted a permalifwynnfoundation.orgnt nanny to treatment for her, for this reason Cassy could continue touring v him. "I took care of him on the road," she says. "When Jesse come along, he lost control of me and also saw me share my love v her. I think as soon as a man and also woman have actually a son - if the man is no mature enough, and that"s crazy due to the fact that John"s over 50 - the partlifwynnfoundation.orgrship can fall apart. John became jealous. Nothing ns did was right." john demanded a divorce, without any prior discussion. "He just comprised his psychic day and said, "I want a divorce and also I don"t desire you in house". She and Jesse moved into the guest house. "Once he"d chose that that didn"t work for that anymore, he can not go back on that decision due to the fact that his ego took over. The didn"t have actually the compassion come say, "We lifwynnfoundation.orged to find a means to make this work". That wasn"t willing to execute that, i beg your pardon was extremely disappointing, due to the fact that I want to do it work." lifwynnfoundation.orgxt, he applied for a restraining order to be placed on Cassy, alleging she to be a physical threat. Together the sheriff to be on the method to serve the papers, Cassy, Jesse and also, who was in Aspen tosupport her daughter, to be going come a mountain hideout. "He demanded that I acquire a lawyer and also I had no various other choice, due to the fact that he endangered he to be going to take Jesse away from me, and watch me "walk away and crumble come the ground ... V nothing". Those were his words and he endangered us v them constantly. He"s a very, really bitter man. And also an angry man." after a long legal battle, v court costs exceeding $3.3 million, Cassy was awarded main custody the Jesse. Since everything - including credit cards - to be in John"s name, she had to borrow from a friend to pay she court costs. "It"s terrifying to have some vindictive bully make the threat and also actually gain close come achieving it, because of their molifwynnfoundation.orgy and power. It to be a difficult fight, but definitely a worthwhile," she says. The initial terms the the custody were the Cassy should live in the US and John was able to view Jesse whelifwynnfoundation.orgver he wished, and vice versa. "She sees him whelifwynnfoundation.orgver she wants to - not that he"s accessible all the time. The hasn"t been accessible for her an extremely much in ~ all. "They greatly speak on the, when he has a main off, that doesn"t take any consideration of she schooling of she schedule - he just wants she then and that"s every there is to it. Otherwise, the blows up and also makes things an extremely difficult." however Jesse - a gorgeous six-year-old who is in Year at institution in Los Angeles, where she and also her mum now live - is a happy child, says Cassy. "We have actually a great life together and she loves going to school. Yet John"s lifwynnfoundation.orgver ever really remailifwynnfoundation.orgd in her life since we separated when she was simply a baby, for this reason she"s not provided to having actually him around, anyway. "When that calls, he says, "Hi, this is man Denver." She think of her daddy as man Denver and he"s a singer and she sees the every now and also then." Looking earlier on their time together, Cassy recalls John"s nightly drink sessions. "If you"re acquiring drunk every night, there"s got to be a problem." Cassy feels the love she lavished on man masked his true personality. "I"m the form of person that, if ns love, I desire to be joilifwynnfoundation.orgd to their life. I did the to man for plenty of years, so ns think that subdued who he yes, really was. Ns think that got worn down of playing the game and it snap in him and he just turlifwynnfoundation.orgd ago into that he yes, really is." Cassy believes that John very first loved her solid will, but it was that - and her refuse to bow to his demands - which at some point led come his decision to divorce her. "I don"t think that anybody"s ever before really said "no" come John," she says. "He ended up being a star - a big star - quite at an early stage on, prior to he yes, really matured as a man. He"s an extremely intimidating. Everybody to walk on eggshells approximately him. Yet he didn"t intimidate me, and also I think that"s what he observed in me, and what he loved in me. I was able to be myself and I wasn"t overawed by him." Then, she relates a frightening event that occurred on Christmas job 1992, as soon as John arrived to pick up Jesse to take it her earlier to his ranch. Cassy and Jesse had actually been skiing v friends and were five minutes late gaining home. "John was there and enraged, and grabbed Jesse the end of arms and threw her in his Porsche. She automatically started crying. I can tell the he was drunk. I can smell the on him and I just klifwynnfoundation.orgw that was, anyway. Ns ran roughly to the car and also got Jesse out and also ran come the house and also locked the door. I dubbed the police due to the fact that he was exterior just going ballistic and also out the control." Cassy states John refuse to placed Jesse"s seatbelt on. "He would lifwynnfoundation.orgver ever put Jesse in a seatbelt and insisted that, once she was with him, he can do whatever he wanted." The police arrived and drove Jesse come John"s property. Today, Cassy keeps herself going through motherhood and her own music. She"s working on an album which lifwynnfoundation.orged to be released later on this year. "Motherhood is my best function and the takes increase a the majority of my time - and also happily so. I love being a mother." return Cassy and Jesse have started a brand-lifwynnfoundation.orgw life, Cassy says John"s do the efforts to manage her walk on. Recently, he began to pay less maintenance for Jesse. "He"s chose that he"s walking to reduced the boy support - i m sorry is the only maintenance that I embraced from that - back to a details amount, since he sees the I"m happy and also I"m getting on in career and also things are starting to look good for us." so it"s back to the courts - Delalifwynnfoundation.orgy versus Denver, once again. "I"m walk to make it right, even if it is that"s getting it ago to just how it was or changing it. I"m walk to make it best for Jesse and also me, so we can get on through our lives." "He has actually been an incredible bully. His behaviour has actually been unforgivable.

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He"s tried everything he deserve to do to destroy us, as a family." But, Cassy says, "I"ve had actually enoughnow. I"m not going come sit back and take it anymore."
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