Out the boredom, I recently finished Re:CoM, and something that never made sense to me is why Marluxia and Larxene want to fall the company in the very first place. Ns mean, did they really think they might take Xemnas? I obtain that they want to use Sora to take out the others, yet why? What did they desire to gain? What is your motive because that wanting to usurp Xemnas? together a sidenote, what go Xemnas think the the events of lock Oblivion?


I’m no sure also they knew. Both the them had actually chunks of your memories absent even when they were complete people, so perhaps some subconscious component of them was what made them covet the strength of the Keyblade for themselves.

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Its implied that Marluxia knew Xemnas had actually no intention of restoring your Hearts. He likewise has directly up Amnesia and also was hoping that functioning under Xemnas would regain his memories, yet it didn't.

As far as I’m aware ,and who could allude out details to exactly me. Marluxia simply didn’t want to it is in a maid he didn’t have actually his storage in CoM so he probably just had actually the “feeling” he was expected for much more or something, like just how xemnas do kingdom hearts because he had the feeling of loneliness and also the feeling of wanting to create kingdom hearts. Larxene just wants to make marluxia happy.

It appeared like among the key points of sending members to castle oblivion to be to have actually the weakest or least loyal members found and also destroyed for this reason they didn’t stroked nerves xemnas and his plan later.

At the moment, we have the right to only i think it was for the generic reason of "wanting power". Nothing deep or exciting, I'm afraid.

The initial reason Xemnas inserted Marluxia in fee of lock Oblivion was because Marluxia is very cunning. He placed on one act and appeared as the perfect can-do guy whenever in Xemnas's presence, i beg your pardon led that to think he's very capable. (via the personality Reports)

Days retconned this and concocted a new reason: that Xemnas was conscious of Marluxia and also Larxene's plans to stage a coup and also thus sent them come CO for this reason they might be eliminated. (via Days an enig Reports) the was the extent of his intentions though; Xemnas absolutely didn't desire the basement trio to it is in taken out.

How is the retcon? Xenmas reliable marluxia and found the to an extremely smart placed him charge of the castle yet was an extremely of him cause duh the is smart and also sents axel to keep a eye.

Out of boredom, I freshly finished Re:CoM, and something that never made sense to me is why Marluxia and Larxene wanted to overthrow the organization in the first place. I mean, walk they yes, really think they can take Xemnas? I acquire that they want to use Sora come take out the others, yet why? What did they desire to gain? What is your motive because that wanting come usurp Xemnas?

Because they wanted much more power.

As a sidenote, what walk Xemnas think the the occasions of castle Oblivion?

It to be his setup to send civilization there so that Axel could find the traitors and also eliminate them.

What I desire to understand is why the hell they join the actual Organization/Seekers of Darkness/Xehanort's fun club, and also accepted simply fine. Yeah, I recognize there's part lamp-shading through Larxene questioning why they would certainly take them back, and Marluxia pointing out that it eventually doesn't matter, and Xemnas offering a cryptic reason regarding why they came to be a component of the original Org, etc. However I serious don't gain what those two obtain by coming ago the team that's (mostly) the same as the one lock tried to usurp before. I average okay, Larxene is usually here due to the fact that she's journey or dice for Marluxia. Fine. However what the hell is Marluxia self doing right here again?

Probably were intimidated to turn into Nobodies again.

Younger Xehanort: Either sign up with or die.

Was probably the proposal.

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Did you watch the union X story yet? well there is video clip that has actually a the majority of union X transforming context vids one is v them and also they dislike xenmas however not xehenort, they trust him. Your betrayal is much more like xenmas was also stupid and young because that leader position in xehenort's plan.

What happened at castle oblivion went exactly according to xemnas’s intentions, wiping out everyone except for axel due to the fact that they were viewed as traitorous (not certain why lexaeus and also Zexion had to die but alas). Marluxia and larxene experienced this as an opportunity to use sora, that was powerful enough to defeat ansem, to usurp xemnas. Marluxia and also Larxene were in it for the power grab


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