Ghost Adventures has proven come be one of the many effective and also interesting shows about the paranormal the end there. The show, which airs top top the travel Channel, has actually featured a variety of investigators end the food of its run, however Nick goff was among the show’s many beloved. Now, some space wondering whether Nick, who left the display in 2014, might be preparing to return. 

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While there may be rumors the Nick is coming back to the civilization of Ghost Adventures, there has been no official announcement suggesting that he’ll be return to the show. In fact, a couple of year after leaving the show, he uncovered his house on another series investigating the paranormal. 


Nick officially left Ghost Adventures in 2014 ~ the show’s tenth season top top the travel Channel. After the left, he joined a new show in addition to fellow paranormal investigator Katrina Weidman called Paranormal Lockdown. Top top the show, the two hosts travel to few of the most haunted areas in America, and commit to life in those haunted locations for 72 hours. The hosts apparently believe that the much more time they spend with these spirits, the much more they’ll have the ability to communicate v them. 

Although Ghost Adventures is quiet going strong, there are many world who wonder why Nick made decision it to be time because that him to leaving the show. Nick, Zak Bagans and also Aaron Goodwin to be the three initial investigators on the show, with Zak assuming the function of the command investigator. In enhancement to his role on camera, Nick was additionally an executive producer on the show, and additionally helped edit and also shoot it. 

Nick was attributed with help to thrive the show’s audience in part through his chemistry through Zak and Aaron. There‘s to be plenty the speculation about the precise reasons he decided to leaving the show in the years because his exit was announced. Among the biggest components in his decision was apparently the method his feelings about Zak readjusted over the food of the show’s run. 


What started out together a fairly balanced present with Zak together the clear lead eventually ended up being a display where Zak to be the overwhelmingly dominant voice. Apparently, that didn’t sit well v Nick, and he realized that his goals and also objectives were becoming less and less visible to the show’s audience. This contributed to the sense that there was an ongoing feud between the two, and it was worsened by the truth that Nick’s ideas were ignored.

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The argument in between them only gained worse ~ Zak showed up to speak to Nick out on Twitter ~ the last left the show. In the tweets, Zak said that he to be "disgusted" that a former member of Ghost Adventures' actors would usage their notoriety native the show to promote a new show. Although he never named Nick, it was pretty clean to your fans specifically who Zak was talking about. 

Nick goff Left 'Ghost Adventures' in ~ the height of the Show's popular — but Why?