For plenty of years, therapists did no know just how to settle curledtoes long-term. Instead, they gave patients toes separators and also sent castle ontheir way.

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These days, we have a much better understanding that what causescurled toes, which helps therapists recommend better treatment options.

To help you have an notified conversation v yourtherapist, here’s everything you should know around fixing curled toes:

Types of cutting Toes

Curled toe are defined by simply that: toe curlingunder. Your doctor or therapist deserve to look at the toes joints to assist diagnose thetype of cutting toes the you have.

Here room the different species of cutting toes:

Hammertoe — once the toes bends at the middle joint, which pressures the joint upward and also the end of the toes downward, the same, similar thing a hammer.Mallet toes — as soon as the toe bend under at the joint closest to the guideline of the toe.Claw toe — when the 4 the smallest toes bending up in ~ the joint closest to the foot, and also then every joint after that bends down. The toes show up to curly down, and also in serious cases, may curl into themselves.

What causes Toes to curly Up?

Sometimes cut toes are led to by wearing pair of shoes that room too chop for as well long. Various other times, cut toes are the result of neurological injury like stroke.

When the neurological affect of stroke impairs the brain’s ability to send engine signals come the toes, the muscles in the foot and toes respond by tightening, leading to curled toes. This is well-known as spasticity.

Curled toes have the right to make go uncomfortable and even painful. Fortunately, there are treatments the can aid fix the condition.

Treatment because that Curled Toes

Here are several of the finest ways to fix curled toes:

1. Rehab Exercises


Therapeutic practice for curled toes is the most effective, noninvasive treatment available. It works ideal when curled toes space the an outcome of neurological injury prefer stroke.

Curled toe exercises (like the ones us list below) help retrain the mind to correctly send signals to the feet and also toes. It functions by activating neuroplasticity, the brain’s natural capacity to rewire itself, through recurring exercise.

The an ext you use your toe and foot muscles, the far better your brain gets at regulating and relaxing those muscles. When start treatment of cut toes, rehab exercises room the finest place come start.

2. Botox

Botox is one evidence-basedtreatment for fixing curled toes after stroke. It helps relieve spasticity byacting as a nerve block, resulting in relaxed muscles, which helps the toesrelax. Every stroke patient respond in different way to Botox. Talk to your therapistto see if you’re a good fit.

3. Electrical Stimulation

When you combine electrical stimulation with other treatments, prefer toe exercises and also Botox, you might see much more results. Electrical stimulation help stimulate the mind and encourage reconnection in between the brain and the toe muscles. This treatment is most reliable when cut toes are the an outcome of neurological injury favor stroke.

4. Orthotics and also Toe Separators


If you’re right now working with an work-related therapist, (s)he may have already suggested an orthotic with toe crests to aid with your curled toes. These orthotics aid realign the feet and also may assist improve pain.

Orthotics are a compensation technique, though. Although that may assist improve the condition in the short-term, more neglect that the foot muscles might worsen the condition.

If you’re walk to usage orthotics – and also if her OT encourage it, you must listen come them – be sure to use them in addition to practicing your toe exercises. That way, she addressing the source of the difficulty as well.

5. Roomy Shoes

If your curled toe are led to by wearing shoes that space too chop for too long, then gaining shoes v bigger toe boxes can greatly help. This will provide the toes vital “wiggle room.” Also, be sure to avoid high heels as these greatly increase press on the toes and also may worsen the condition.

6. Surgery

If you have tried many of these therapies without success, then, your doctor may recommend surgery. Depending upon the problem, your doctor could need to relax few of the muscle tendons in order to relax the toes.

Like many invasive surgery, these actions require an extensive recovery time and also will need you to remain off the foot for an extended duration of time. Your ideal option is to shot conservative management for her curled toes prior to considering any form of surgery.

Exercises because that Curled Toes

The best means to settle curled toes is to rewire the brain through particular toe exercises.

The following exercises because that curledtoes below will aid — however they might feel weird in ~ first. Several of them requireyou come curl your toes even more, i m sorry you might not desire to do.

However, utilizing those muscles ishow you will regain control of them.

Here space some simple curled toes exercisesto begin with:

Toe Taps. Attempt to raise all her toes up off the ground and also then ar them back down. Repeat 10 times. It’s okay if girlfriend can’t relocate your toes an extremely much yet. Attempting the movement will initiate important changes in the brain. Floor Grips. With your feet level on the floor, attempt to grip the floor by curling her toes, and also then relax as finest you can. Repeat 10 times.Finger Squeezes. Cross her foot over her knee and place a finger in in between your huge and second toes. Then, squeeze your toes together to pinch her finger as hard as friend can. Release, and also repeat 10 times.Marble pickup. Ar a dozen marbles top top the floor and attempt to choose them up utilizing your toes. This have the right to be an overwhelming at first, and also it’s it s okay if you need a caregiver to assist you.Towel curls. Ar a towel on the floor and use her toes come pinch the towel and pick it up. Then, location it back down, flatten it out, and also repeat. This is a daunting exercise, therefore it’s it s okay if you don’t acquire it at first. You will get much better with practice.Toe Extensor Strengthening. Cross your foot over your knee so the you’re sit cross-legged. Then, place a resistance band approximately the height of your foot come pull your toes earlier toward your body, choose so:

Then, usage your foot to press the resistance tape away from her body. Go back to center and repeat 10 times.

This will certainly be very an overwhelming in the beginning, so remember: as lengthy as you effort to make the movement, she stimulating transforms in the brain.

If you must dothese exercises passively through the assist of a caregiver, it is agreat ar to start.

Tips because that Living with Curled Toes

It bring away time come rewire the brainwith rehab exercises because that curled toes, so be patient. As lengthy as you put in thereps, the mind will work difficult to reward your hard work!

In the meantime, below are part tips to help you out:

Stretch your toes to store the tendons as lengthened as you can.Avoid this if it’s too painful, yet once those tendons shorten, it’s difficult to reverse.Try part toe separators once you’re at home.Yes,the cheap foam beauty salon toolsthat you usage to save your toes separated if manicuring. Making use of toe separators can help reduce the pain of cutting toes.Use toe cushions in your shoes once you’re out and about.Toe cushions space like little pillows for her toes the comfortably go inside your shoes and also reduce the pain.Ask your occupational therapist to show you just how to use athletic tape. Part OT’s know just how to usage athletic ice to help align and support curled toes. Ask her OT to watch if castle can present you how.Get a pair the magnetic gel insoles.A hit survivornamed James asserted that castle helpedreduce his cut toes. Due to the fact that it’s a non-invasive treatment, why not offer it a shot?You have the right to alsocut the gel insoles up to protect your toes indigenous painfully rubbing about in her shoes.

It’s feasible that cutting toes can go far on their own with time — a phenomenon well-known asspontaneous recovery.

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However, you have the right to take one active function in her recovery by trying out with these miscellaneous treatments for curled toes (with her therapist’s approval, that course).