If you very own a budgie or spend sufficient time about them, you begin to notification their wings acquire to flapping every now and then…so naturally, her mind starts to wonder and also think about why your budgie is flapping his wings, i beg your pardon is what we are going come talk around today.

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Why is my budgie flapping his wings? Your budgie is flapping his wings since he is obtaining some exercise. They get their blood flowing by sit on the perch and also flying in place. They may even make some sounds while doing it. Soup flapping rarely is a sign of health problems or discomfort in budgies.

Budgies do this as component of a morning regime in most cases. They prefer to gain their circulation going, type of like just how us humans could stretch as soon as we very first wake up or perform a small exercise to obtain going. Budgies may make “angry” sounds as soon as they perform it as soon as they get really into the action!

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Why have to A Budgie Flap His Wings?

You know just how you space seated in ~ your workdesk for a few hours or so in ~ work, and then you was standing up, take a rapid walk, stretch her arms or twist your earlier to get some activity? This why budgies often tend to flap their wings. it is their an approach of stretching.

This is likewise a method for a budgie to get some exercise. After ~ all, they like to save their flight muscles in an excellent shape. If you have actually a budgie that gets too many of free time the end of his or her cage, you may uncover they don’t carry out this together much.

However, bird that have clipped feathers or those who remain in their cage too regularly will have tendency to execute this flapping a many more.

No matter the factor for her budgie flapping his wings, you should pay close attention to it.

He may be trying come tell you something. When birds carry out this, they space either seeking part attention or showing off just how happy they feel.

If you notification a budgie flipping- not flapping -his wings, this can be a signal the he feeling upset. If the wings space dropping, he may be feeling exhausted or sick. Pay attention and also call the vet if necessary.



Overheating is another large reason you should always pay attention to how your budgie is making use of his wings. If you an alert your budgie doing the complying with things, her bird may be overheated and also require some treatment:

Open mouth panting/breathingHolding wings away from the body, trying come cool offStressful behavior

Many of our beloved budgies space accustomed come an air-conditioned or cook environment. Therefore, if girlfriend take her bird outside or her air conditioner walk down, be sure you are maintaining a nearby eye on her budgie.

Never leave them unattended in your car if you take them because that a ride. Be certain you screen lamps and other objects adjacent that might make that hot.

Should her budgie obtain overheated, shot these solutions:

Mist or spray the feathers with cool water until he is wet to the skinPlace legs and also feet in cool waterWrap in a cloth to prevent gaining too coldMonitor him for shock.Call your vet.

Cage dimension Matters because that Budgies

One important thing the relates to this specific topic is the cage in which girlfriend are keeping your budgie.

Cage size really matters for these birds. After all, they need sufficient room come live comfortable and likewise flap your wings. A budgie flapping his wings might be a authorize that his cage is as well small.

Uninformed pet owners think that having actually a tiny cage is good enough because that a small bird prefer the budgie. Every bird needs enough room come play, exercise, fly around, and also explore, no matter how big or small they are.

A larger cage is constantly your best bet, so go v the biggest size you can get for the space you have. every birds require time external of your cage to flap their wings and get some exercise.

For budgies or parakeets, you will desire a cage that is of the following dimensions: 18” x 18” x 24” in ~ the very minimum, preferably with a 1/2 “spacing between the bars.

It is common amongst bird owners to clip the wing of your pets for this reason they cannot fly away. This practice is debated among bird owners about its ethics, yet no matter which next of the fence you are on, every bird demands a location to exercise their wings.


The recommended cage size for a budgie is merely a recommendation. However, friend should constantly go v the largest you have the right to find. it is additionally assumed that your birds will have actually ample time exterior of their cages to flap their wings or maybe fly.

It is advised that budgies, in particular, gain at the very least 2-3 hours of time external of their cages every day. If this is not possible, climate it is imperative her bird gets a larger cage.

This should additionally be well-stocked v toys and accessories so the they have a stimulating environment.

Budgies room birds that love come climb. Therefore, you will want to seek out a cage v horizontal bars rather of one that attributes vertical bars.

If you can administer your budgie a cage that allows them rise freely, you will enjoy plenty of displays of cute and healthy athletic behaviors.

Cages are likewise a way for your budgie to feel safe, simply as your residence makes you feeling safe. Therefore, you should provide your budgie a rectangle-shaped or square cage therefore he deserve to hide in the edge when feeling scared.

Although a one cage may have actually a cool aesthetic, it renders birds feeling vulnerable and also unsafe.

If you have a good cage, yet your budgie still seems to be scared every the time, perhaps YOU room the problem. Maybe your budgie is scared of you and you don’t also know around it. Check out this post to learn why her budgie is scared of you and also what will certainly help.

The prestige of Perches

As we questioned earlier, budgies love come climb and also explore their surroundings from many different angles. Friend will desire to location perches at a variety of various heights so the they deserve to fly and hop around from various heights.

This enables them that an important exercise they therefore need and want.

Plus, budgies love to sit on the perches and flap your wings. A variety of perches will provide them a reason to fly, jump earlier and forth for fun, and also of course stretch his wings together a means of remaining active.

Aim to have perches inserted at opposite end of your bird’s cage so the he gets plenty of exercise when he goes from one perch to the other.

When you have actually two or more perches, do your finest to make certain they space made from various materials and also are of different diameters as well.

The action of extending out feet and wings for birds is therapeutic and also giving lock a variety of perches urges this behavior.

Remember, not every perch is a good perch. So girlfriend really desire to make sure that you obtain the ideal perches for her budgies which room actually healthy for your feet.

Let us aid you with that! we have developed a vast budgie perch guide in which we present you the 5 ideal Perches because that Budgies. Read it here!


Fun toys for Budgies

Your budgie likes to exercise by way of flapping wings and by hopping from perch come perch. Yet did you understand there are some fun playthings you can gain your budgie to encourage healthy and balanced behavior?

Your budgie have the right to have fun through a pat gym. Play gyms offer your budgie the possibility to climb, chew and also ring bells. A sphere is also a funny and basic toy for a budgie. A lightweight ball is fun for a budgie come roll and also you deserve to lightly toss it together a game with her budgie.

One owner even reported teaching her budgie to play soccer v a tiny ball!

Not every toy is great for budgies though. You should make sure that the toys have the appropriate size, carry out not contain toxicity materials, and also so lot more. If girlfriend need assist with that, check out our budgie toy overview here! We present you 15 awesome toys your budgie will certainly love!

Related Questions

What room Some indicators of a Budgie Dying?

The adhering to are signing your budgie needs prompt veterinary care.

Discharge or crust roughly naresTail bobbing when breathingWheezing or click noisesInability come exerciseDifficulty once breathing

If you need some comprehensive information top top that, read our article about dying symptoms in budgies here!

Why Is mine Budgie Running ago and Forth? Your budgie may do this as a means of obtaining your attention. You will additionally want come make certain your bird is no bored. Lastly, pacing back and forth in the cage can be a signal that your pet is not well, so be certain to monitor him carefully.

Do Budgies choose Music? Yes! Budgies choose music that is loud however not as well loud. They prefer to feel the music is all roughly them. They perform not want to be alone. After ~ all, they are “flock spirit” birds-they reap being with various other budgies.

Why Is my Budgie all Puffed Up? Birds fluff up their feathers as a means of keeping warm. They also like to execute this as soon as relaxing for sleep. A bird that does this most of the day-sitting puffed up, the is-is likely in trouble. Be certain that if her bird is puffing increase at unreasonable times, you gain him to his vet.


Budgies may flap your wings because that a selection of reasons, and also thankfully, most of the time these are for great reasons. Her budgie is likely just seeking to obtain his blood pumping and also get a tiny exercise in the process. He additionally may be showing exactly how happy the is.

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However, in the event, your budgie is flapping his wings for a various reason, be prepared to sell him aid.