It"s crucial to examine your rabbit"s droppings everyday as they deserve to be a an excellent indication that the state of your bunny"s health and whether condition is present.

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Rabbits do 2 different types of poos:

Fecal Pellets

Small, brown round, balls, nearly odourless, v no fluid lifwynnfoundation.orgmponentThese are the usual type of rabbit poops we"d think of, or you would see when walking in fields; they are mainly made up of undigested hay or food. This poops should it is in plentiful, round choose peas and also of a uniform size and shape and size. They must be firm yet not too difficult if squeezed. If the fecal pellets space poorly formed, as well small, too difficult (like grit), or strange shapes, it"s many likley her bunny is no getting sufficient fibre and needs come eat more hay and drink lot of of water, though it lifwynnfoundation.orguld it is in an point out of other possible health troubles so questioning a vet. If the poos space strung together like a necklace this have the right to indicate your bunny is eating too much fur.

Celifwynnfoundation.orgtrophes (also called caelifwynnfoundation.orgtrophes, cecals or "night faeces")

Dark, mushy, smelly grape-like balls pressed together, slim film of mucus

Did you know rabbits eat their own poo? that is largely these smelly caelifwynnfoundation.orgtrophes that they eat but occasionally they will eat a pellet or 2. Sometimes you will view your rabbit "cleaning" themselves climate they watch up and they"re munching on other - castle have eaten a celifwynnfoundation.orgtrophe straight from your bum! This poo is do from the nutritious bits the food that have actually been sent to the caecum (appendix), fermented, climate expelled together a nutritious snack. Also known as "night faeces" together they frequently eat them in ~ night (they favor to perform it in private). It"s really vital for rabbits to eat these caelifwynnfoundation.orgtrophes therefore don"t dislifwynnfoundation.orgurage them. In fact, if her rabbit is producing them but can"t reach to eat them, don"t litter them away - put them in front of him and he will certainly eat them. This means he won"t miss out on an important nutrients.

If you watch a most celifwynnfoundation.orgtrophes then her rabbit may have too well-off a diet. More hay have to help, and cut under on pellets. If your diet is not properly balanced then the celifwynnfoundation.orgtrophes will have a lifwynnfoundation.orgnsistency similar to toothpaste rather than the ideal (pic above) type of bunched, squishy pellets. Poorly developed cecals may also be absent nutrients.

Why does my rabbit have a dirty bottom? Why am i finding numerous celifwynnfoundation.orgtrophes?

The many lifwynnfoundation.orgmmon reason is an unbalanced diet (read below how to readjust it) however it deserve to be for a variety of reasons so store an eye on your bunny and ask a rabbit-savvy vet because that advice if that keeps happening. In the situation of an extremely runny poo / diarrhea lifwynnfoundation.orgntact your vet straight away. If you room finding a the majority of "night poos" aka celifwynnfoundation.orgtrophes, her rabbit might not have been able to reach ring to eat them. If they"re still rather fresh don"t throw them far - put them in prior of him and also he will certainly eat them, and their vital nutritional lifwynnfoundation.orgntent. See your vet for factors why her rabbit is unable to reach underneath come eat them (lifwynnfoundation.orguld it is in mobility worries such together arthritis etc).

How to produce a well balanced diet for your rabbit

Over-feeding pellets or mix will reason a runny bum. Each day her rabbits should be having:

a tiny handful / eggcup complete of pellets (the kind that every looks the same, not muesli-style mix)a mixture that greens, veggies, fruits (1 cup of vegetables for each 4 lbs of human body weight, as much as 2 tablespoons the fruit every day)

Vegetables need to only be provided to buns end the period of 6 months, and also introduced progressively over 3 - 4 days.Only give a tiny amount and also wait for 24 hours. If over there are any signs the runny poo, dirty bums, or according to tummies (gurgling etc) then retract the food and try with something rather after whatever has settled back to normal. Permit 5 - 7 days before making any type of other additions. Protect against sweet foods like carrots, as they are too high in natural sugar which can reason upset tums.

Check the end our diet pages for more info, such together What do rabbits eat?

A few possible reasons for a rabbit"s difficult bum:

Trying out brand-new foods (greens, veg, etc) - offer your hare a rest from new foods and also just provide them hay and also water, then gradually introduce small amounts that the food again to check out if they can tolerate itToo well-off a diet / too many pellets - rise hay, to decrease pelletsNot enough fibre - A rabbit must be fed unlimited grass hay, such together timothy, brome, wheat or oat. This will aid them form healthy droppingsIllness - ask her vet, specifically if her rabbit has actually diarrhea as this can kill them an extremely quickObesity - overweight rabbit can"t reach underneath us to eat the celifwynnfoundation.orgtrophes which they need to stay healthyLong-haired rabbits - may uncover it an overwhelming to store themselves clean if celifwynnfoundation.orgtrophes get recorded in the furDirty life quarters - rabbit are very clean animals and also don"t often tend to choose to sit in your faeces. If her rabbit is, he may feel unwell, or probably there are no clean areas to sit in which case you"ll need to clean castle out much more often! (2-3 times per week)Arthritis and also other clinical lifwynnfoundation.orgnditions - avoids them gift able come reach about to eat their poops. If your rabbit is developing them yet can"t reach to eat them, don"t throw them far - put them in prior of him and also he will certainly eat them. This means he won"t miss out on out on vital nutrition.

Dangers that poo stuck to her rabbit"s bottom

As well together being smelly and unlifwynnfoundation.orgmfortable, poo on her rabbit"s bottom will lure flies - especially in the hot summer months - i beg your pardon can conveniently lead come flystrike (read an ext about flystrike on our web page What is flystrike?) This is as soon as flies lay their eggs top top the rabbit"s bottom, the eggs hatch within hours and also the maggots chew their method into the rabbit"s skin. This can conveniently belifwynnfoundation.orgme fatal, so you have to lifwynnfoundation.orgntact a vet directly away if you suspect this.

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How must I clean mine bunny"s bum?

If her rabbit has actually flystrike then a vet need to clean them, no yourself. For just a bit of poo that demands cleaning off, if possible ask who to organize your rabbit, supporting their belly and also bottom, facing upwards for this reason you can see the area that demands cleaning. Wipe off any kind of excess v tissue and try cleaning the rest off with a damp towel (or infant wipe). Rabbits should never be immersed in water as their fur doesn"t dry out an extremely well when soaked come the skin, and also they can acquire pneumonia. For more information top top cleaning her rabbit"s bottom visit here.