My Roommate and my GF tried come tell me the various other day the Lifesavers were originally made so that if youngsters started to choke on them they would have actually a possibility to breath thru the feet in the middle. Also acorriding come them that"s whereby they gained the name.I really questioned this and insisted the it was an urban Legend however they swore up and down that this to be true. Has actually anybody ever before heard of this b4?

Pure BS, follow to Uncle John"s bathroom Reader component II. This is kind of just how the story goes(I left mine copy in the bathroom back home) In the early on 1900"s most mints we"re make in England. Part dude wanted to make candy in the US and also he saw a donut maker. The donutmaker can only do the mint/candy if it had a feet in the middle. The inventor, then thought about a an excellent name, and also came up v the surname Lifesavers.

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hmmm maybe since they look like "life-savers" or life-preservers. You know the points you throw the end to those cast off the boat. Dev

hehe... Archangel... Part hoe i think there story is a bit much more beliveble... Watch image: /infopop/emoticons/icon_biggrin.gif

I think there space a couple of people in this forum who"ve choked on LifeSavers and also deprived their mind of oxygen for a couple of minutes. Ns won"t name any type of names, but....

Whatever, I"m just saying that the candy machine chose the surname lifesaver, because the candy looked choose a cursed life preserver. If you want to believe those hoe"s walk for it, or some retarded story around breathing v them, be my guest. I"m obtaining it straight from the toilet reader.

I as soon as got assaulted by a ravenous gerbil (don"t ask) and the only way I coukd escape to be by sucking some lifesavers till they had sharp edges and then utilizing them together mini-shuriken. Therefore yes, they deserve to save her life.

sound like polo"s....the mint v the hole.not to it is in confuzzed through Polo, the VW automobile that is one step brief of the Golf, a nice VW car, that need to not be confuzzed with golf, the game for civilization with too much time on their hands, and a liking because that nasty sweaters and tanktops.

quote: Life Savers were designed in 1912 by Clarence Crane, a Cleveland chocolate maker who want a sweet product the wouldn"t melt in the summer heat. He determined on a peppermint tough candy in the shape of a circle through a hole in the middle. Since the mints looked choose miniature life preservers, he referred to as them Life Savers and registered the trademark. The an initial flavor come be presented by Life Savers to be Pep-O-Mint in 1912. Told ya Starhawk... Check out image: /infopop/emoticons/icon_wink.gif

They are salvation as soon as you"re experiencing from bad cotton mouth and the munchies... If you recognize what i mean.

Did friend slit the rabid hamster"s neck or throw the shruiken?...and just exactly how much sucking go it take to get to just the ideal sharpness?enquiring minds want to know

I have heard of this happening. Occurred to mine old scout masters son as soon as he was a baby. He was sucking on a life saver and swallowed it. It was rolling around and also would periodically straighten out and allow air to pass. It dissolved after a minute or two and he was ok.

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