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You"ve heard that before and seen that in movie — simply throw a nice, cold steak ~ above a black eye and it"ll be better in no time, right?

Not therefore fast, medical professional Dr. Ian smith says.

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Why? Well, let"s understand what specifically a black eye is first, chandelier we?

"A bruise is as soon as you have actually trauma to her head or your face," Dr. Ian explains, "and over there are little capillaries underneath the skin the burst."

"The reason why the steak is no true," the doc says, "is due to the fact that you don"t want to introduce bacteria — — into a wound or onto your skin."

You"re no wrong about the cold emotion being good for a black eye, though, Dr. Ian says.

"Cold will aid prevent swelling and also inflammation," the explains, "so take some frozen peas — malleable." Then, he goes on, put a thin fabric over that before using it to your wound. If the cloth is as well thick, wet it to ensure that the cold native the frozen peas is seeping through.

And, of course, girlfriend can likewise use a good ol" ice load if you don"t have frozen peas on hand, the doc assures.

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