Panera Bread isn’t just another chain the casual restaurants v over 2000 locations in US and also Canada.

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The ar is unique in countless ways. For example, their menu is 100% clean the GMOs and also artificial preservatives, something very couple of other restaurant chains in the US have the right to claim. What’s more, health magazine judged the in 2008 as North America’s healthiest quick casual restaurant and one of phibìc America’s adversaries of obese children. Many dishes at Panera won’t make you bloated and feeling sleepy. Their food will certainly give girlfriend energy, rather of taking it indigenous you. And it is a good place to work as well, considering the team spirit, workload, and other functioning conditions. But what will take place in her interview with the supervisors from Panera Bread?

First and foremost, they are trying to find friendly and also outgoing people. You should understand something around their menu, and around what makes Panera special, and show part enthusiasm for the job and their brand. They will additionally ask girlfriend questions–of course, mostly about your motivation, experience, weaknesses, availability, and your attitude come some instances you might experience through the customers. The interviews for straightforward positions such as sales associate, cashier, team member, sandwich artists, and similar are not difficult, and your chances to gain hired are an ext than decent. Yet you still shouldn’t underestimate your preparation. Let’s have a look in ~ the inquiries you may face.

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Why do you want to occupational at Panera Bread?

Your goal is to present them that Panera isn’t simply one of dozens dining places friend can use for a job with. Make them feeling special. The relative healthiness of their menu, specifically when contrasted with other cafe-bakeries and also doughnut stores is constantly a an excellent thing come mention. You are aware that the epidemic of excessive weight in the US, and prefer to job-related in a place that in reality promotes healthy eating, and also offers dishes that are conveniently digestible and also have some actual nutritional value.

You can also refer to the working setting at Panera, the culture of teamwork, your preference to their brand and also the type of dining endure one has in your places. Girlfriend just find it a far better match to your personality and preferences. What is more, you prefer the job description, change patterns, ar of the bakery-cafe, and simply uncover it a great match, at least at this stage of your life and career.

What room your strengths and weaknesses?

Questions about strengths and weaknesses aren’t as common as they offered to be back in the day in the interviews. In ~ Panera Bread, however, lock will often ask around them. Try to focus on staminas that will aid you deliver great customer service. Interaction skills, listening skills, problem resolution, capacity to job-related quickly, paying attention to detail, spirit for teamwork, or suffer working in a similar kind of facility, are several of the strengths you can point out at this point. Of food things favor responsibility and motivation room a an excellent choice in any kind of interview.

It is also an excellent to recognize at the very least one or two weaknesses, ideally something the isn’t central for the job. Gift over-friendly through customers is a well-known choice. Or gift impatient in ~ times, struggling through leading others (you won’t require this skill working together a crew member at Panera). Girlfriend can constantly elaborate on your answer, saying the you shot your ideal to boost on her weaknesses. Maybe the project with Panera is a good opportunity to execute so.

If this is your very first job application, you deserve to always point out lack of endure as your biggest weakness. You do not require experience to get a job with Panera, however it help to have actually some, simply due to the fact that it will certainly make it simpler for friend to manage the workload ideal from the get-go…


What would you execute if the co-worker walk something girlfriend did not like?

They may clarify the details of the situation, for example that the colleague to be stealing a tiny item, or the you witnessed them eating one of the breads, or that they did no clean their hands after bathroom break.

In any case, manager try to encourage teamwork society at Panera. You shouldn’t say that you would certainly report every incident–however small, to the transition manager. Try to show much more tack, and also teamwork. Say the if it was something minor, you would discretely speak to the colleague, explaining lock why they did a wrong thing, and also making sure they’d remedy the situation.

If the incident repeated, but (they ignored your suggestion), or if it to be something major (you experienced them acquisition twenty dollars native the cash drawer), girlfriend would educate the manager immediately. That’s the mindset they seek at Panera.

Can friend tell united state a bit an ext about your future plans?

Basically they room trying to find out for how long they can count through you, and also whether maybe you can imagine cultivation in the company, progressing from the ranking of crew members to the ranks of managers. However even if execute not have actually such plans, the is okay for them, due to the fact that they know that because that the bulk of civilization Panera is simply a brief stop on your career journey (often the very first one).

Anyway, friend should always claim that you plan to remain with them for six months at least. If you have some plans because that the upcoming summer, such as traveling abroad or whatever, I imply you to conceal them native the hiring managers. It renders no sense giving them a factor for rejecting you. And also after all her plans may ultimately change.

On the various other hand, they choose responsible world at Panera. The is perfect all best to talk about your college studies, or also future career you’d prefer to have. It have the right to also help you to describe your motivation. You use for a job with Panera since you hope to earn part extra money, to support your studies

How will you address a client who got the wrong order?

They might ask friend a pair of situational inquiries related to client service. Through each one you need to follow the same steps: ensure them that you will do everything to make the client happy again, in the shortest possible time. Since that’s the level of customer service people expect at areas like Panera.

In this case, it means apologizing come the customer, and dual checking the correct order. Climate you will prioritize your order in the queue, making sure that they gain their food as conveniently as possible. And also one you finally give them the ideal order, you will certainly again apologize because that the inconvenience. You will do whatever to watch them leaving the location with a laugh on their face.

Tell us about a daunting situation you had to deal with in one of your former jobs.

They do not pick anything in particular, for this reason you have the right to choose. It can be a situation with one unhappy customer, but also one in which friend struggled with a colleague. Perhaps you had a conflict, or didn’t get along well in general, or they to be laid earlier and go nothing while you had actually to take care of everything. Or you have the right to talk about a time once you faced an extremely hefty workload, and also felt totally overwhelmed.

One method or another, the key is to show proactive technique to difficult situation. You didn’t hide what in the back office. Friend didn’t wait for the other human to take it the very first step, or because that the manager to step in and also solve the issue. Considering all possibilities, you go what you can to settle the difficult situation.

The last outcome of the instance isn’t important because that the hiring supervisors at Panera. They treatment mostly around your attitude. As long as they watch that you have proactive technique to work, aren’t fear of challenges, can admit do a mistake, and try your finest to handle everything at work, they will certainly hire you because that this job…

Other questions you may challenge in your job interview with Panera Bread

What is your availability? have the right to you job-related on weekends?Do you understand anyone else that works because that Panera? What go they tell you about the job?What’s your favorite items on ours menu?Why do you take into consideration yourself a great fit because that the job?Tell us about a time once you went over and past for someone.If you should select just 2 or three tasks you will be responsible for here in Panera, what will you choose?After every little thing we’ve debated here, perform you have any kind of questions?

Final thoughts, next steps

It is always far better working for a agency which promotes healthy and balanced eating and also diet, than for a agency which effectively and also consciously contributes to the epidemic of excessive weight in the US, and other health concern Americans face. Prior to it have the right to happen, however, you have to prepare diligently because that this interview.

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Google because that the whole menu Panera provides to your customers. Examine the items, make notes, pick your favorites. Visit the ar in advance, observe the dress code, and also how employee treat you together a customer. All of this will assist you to know exactly how to act and how come answer specific situational concerns in her interview.

Last yet not least, walk over the questions once again, review my hints, and try to think because that a minute about your price to each question. You deserve to even exercise your interview answers with a friend, if you have actually someone to assist you out. I hope you will certainly succeed, and wish you finest of luck!