We treat seeks of every kinds in ~ Alpine recovery Lodge. One of the most addictive medicine we view clients making use of is methamphetamine.

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Methamphetamine abuse and also addiction are huge problems in the joined States. As a highly addictive drug, methamphetamine use deserve to lead to addiction, unpleasant next effects, and a far-ranging risk the overdose and also death.

According to the nationwide Institute on drug Abuse, methamphetamine usage accounted for around 100,000 emergency room visits in 2011. As of 2012, they note that end 1.2 million people were abusing methamphetamine.

People who usage meth might not think beyond the current moment and also the high they acquire from using. However, because that those in recovery or contemplating rehab, and also for the world who love them, it’s essential to recognize what the potential long-term of effects of methamphetamine usage are.

With the in mind, let’s look at 4 of the many serious long-term results of methamphetamine use. What does meth do to her body?

#1: Cognitive Damage

One that the many damaging long-term results that methamphetamine has actually on her body is that it results your body’s production of dopamine.

Dopamine is a neurotransmitter the is associated with the pleasure center of the brain. People who usage methamphetamine suffer a rise of dopamine manufacturing up to four times the normal amount.

The repeated exposure come abnormally high levels of dopamine in reality destroys the dopamine receptors in the brain. That’s part of why methamphetamine is addictive. First, the body craves the dopamine rush connected with using, encouraging human being to usage again.

After a while, the body loses its capacity to identify dopamine due to the fact that the receptors gain flooded and also overwhelmed. The result is that individuals fail to gain the same rush that they obtained when they an initial started using. The disappointment and craving for dopamine’s results may command them come use more methamphetamine searching for that high.

The long-term result is that civilization who usage methamphetamine habitually have an obstacle experiencing pleasure. This feeling, well-known as dysphoria, is really common amongst meth addicts.

Likewise, human being who abuse meth may also experience symptoms similar to those the Parkinson’s disease. Castle include:

Loss that memoryImpaired judgmentDeterioration of motor an abilities and coordination

While there is some proof to imply that part patients may have the ability to regrow your dopamine receptors over time, in many cases, the damages may it is in permanent.

The dysphoria connected with methamphetamine abuse also contributes to the difficulty people have actually in breaking their addiction to the drug. For apparent reasons, the body and mind both crave the rush of dopamine that comes v using methamphetamine.

The desire to experience that rush deserve to lead even human being with very strong willpower and determination to usage methamphetamine again despite their best intentions.

The risk of permanent brain damage is serious. The result that methamphetamine has on the mind is profound and potentially life-changing.

#2: behavior Changes

Considering that mind chemistry dram a far-ranging role in person behavior, it’s maybe not very surprising that an extensive methamphetamine use can lead to behavior changes, some of which room severe and dramatic.

One that the many common behavioral changes requires sexual promiscuity. There have been numerous studies looking in ~ the sexual actions of heterosexual and also homosexual men and women that show that meth usage lowers inhibition.

One study from 2003 check the sexual actions of a team of heterosexual adults v an average age of 36 years. What it uncovered is that, top top average, the guys participated in a an extremely high number of sexual acts through multiple partners in the two-month period of the study. Below are some statistics:

The average participant in the study engaged in 21.5 incidents of unprotected vaginal sex, 6.3 incidents of unprotected anal sex, and 41.7 occurrences of unprotected dental sex.The average variety of partners the participants’ had was 9.4.

The takeaway indigenous this study and others choose it is that methamphetamine usage lowers inhibitions and also leads to an increased frequency that high-risk sex-related behavior. In turn, such habits may rise the hazard of being exposed come HIV/AIDS and other sexually sent diseases.

Another behavioral issue that has been evidenced in methamphetamine users is boost in anger and aggression. A 2011 study compared a group of continual methamphetamine users who were no in treatment through a control group.

What it discovered is that the study group self-reported significantly greater feelings of aggression and anger 보다 the manage group did.

Likewise, the study team showed a decreased ability to procedure emotions when contrasted to the regulate group. One of the hypotheses of the researchers was that methamphetamine use impacted the amygdala, yet that was not supported by the results.

The one mitigating aspect is that people with a poor ability to procedure emotions may likewise be an ext likely to seek out mood-elevating medicine than human being who have a solid ability to procedure emotions.

#3: Immunity

The human being body consists of a variety of interlinked systems, all of which occupational together to assist us maintain an excellent health. When something negatively results one system, it can impact others.

Such is the instance with methamphetamine use and also the human being immune system. Under common circumstances, the immune mechanism is what protects the human body indigenous diseases and also infections.

However, the bodies of people who usage methamphetamine regularly are less and less may be to defend themselves indigenous disease. Castle are much more prone to acquiring viruses and also infections 보다 the general population.

The effects can it is in even much more serious, together there is likewise an boosted risk that heart an illness and various other serious issues. The liver is additionally at danger of serious damages as the body’s main detoxification organ.

One examine from 2002 looked at two groups of mice, one infected v a retrovirus and also one no infected. What if discovered is that, in both groups, there were significant effects top top the immune mechanism of the mice.

For example, the expansion of tumors to be greatly sped up once methamphetamine to be supplied. Likewise, there was a decrease of Vitamin E in the body, and boost in liver damage.

A 2008 examine on mice looked specifically at the impacts of methamphetamine use on the body’s production of leukocytes, which space white blood cells, an integral component of the body immune response.

What the study found was that, beginning with the very first injection that methamphetamine, subjects’ level of leukocyte production dropped. In various other words, the impacts were immediate. The mice that obtained injections had a demonstrably reduced capacity to protect themselves from an illness and infection.

Looking at this two studies in light of the over information around sexual promiscuity, it’s straightforward to watch why many civilization who use methamphetamine also end up with HIV/AIDS and other sexuallytransfer diseases.

Reduced inhibitions, merged with a lowered capability of the human body to resist infections, do it remarkably straightforward for human being who use methamphetamine to end up being infected.

#4: physics Appearance

Thus far, us have focused on the interior changes and also behavioral alters that can result from methamphetamine use. Now it’s time come talk about the visible results of methamphetamine use.

One that the most typical hallmarks of methamphetamine abuse is destruction of the user’s physical appearance.

Let’s begin with the teeth. World who usage methamphetamine ~ above an continuous basis often finish up through a condition known as “meth mouth,” i m sorry is characterized by significant tooth decay.

There room multiple components that add to meth mouth:

Methamphetamine abuse dries out the salient glands. Saliva keeps the mouth lubricated and also helps keep bacteria at bay.Regular methamphetamine use also causes blood ship in the body, consisting of those in the mouth, come shrink. The teeth and also gums need a secure supply that blood and oxygen to stay healthy. There is no it, lock decay.Methamphetamine is made through hydrochloric acid, a highly corrosive substance. When world smoke meth, the acid comes into call with your teeth and also erodes the enamel.People who use methamphetamine frequently crave sweets, and also that – an unified with inattention to dental hygiene – have the right to accelerate the rate of this decay.

The ubiquity of severe dental damage amongst methamphetamine users is high. In 2005, one NPR report revealed that dental prices in the State of Minnesota’s jail system had actually doubled because of meth mouth.

The constriction of blood vessels have the right to lead to far-reaching skin difficulties too. Civilization who use methamphetamine are most likely to see any or all of the following:

Increased outbreaks the acneSlow heal of soresYellowing that the skinDrying the end of the skinA lose of elasticity in the skin

The result is that many world who use methamphetamine finish up spring years, or also decades, older than they are. Their skin loser its elasticity, and also even relatively young human being can end up looking old and also haggard after an extensive meth use.

There are countless ways the meth use deserve to negatively impact the appearance, yet one that the many dangerous is the methamphetamines are frequently used for load loss. On the surface, weight loss might seem favor a good thing – yet losing weight v methamphetamines is really risky.

The reality is the methamphetamine suppresses the appetite, and also for many people, the concept of using it to shed weight is attractive. CBS News did a report v one methamphetamine addict who reported that she lost in between 15 and also 20 pounds in her first week of utilizing the drug.

The issue, that course, is the methamphetamine is very addictive and also nobody have the right to predict how his or her body will certainly react come it. Many human being who end up addicted started using meth as a way to shed weight.

The dangers are even an ext pernicious than that implies. The body needs a specific amount of fat to it is in healthy. Subcutaneous fat protects the body and bones native injury. Losing too much weight have the right to be really hazardous to your health.

Likewise, not eating – or eating mainly sweets and also junk food, together is the instance with part methamphetamine addicts – have the right to lead to vitamin deficiencies and even malnutrition.


There is no inquiry that utilizing methamphetamine is dangerous. It’s extremely addictive, and also it can reason serious damages to your body in a range of methods – every one of which have actually long-term implications for your health and also well-being.

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Because that its very addictive nature and also physical and also mental effects, civilization often have actually a hard time break methamphetamine addiction without significant assistance. At Alpine restore Lodge, we deserve to help.