Well go it? Or does the only prosper on one side? Or walk it flourish only ~ above the side further from the equator? Is there any kind of truth come this old adage?


Moss grows finest in the the shade (and damp, however most relevant below is shade). Because of the curvature that the Earth, in the northern hemisphere the north next of trees is shadier than the south side, for this reason if moss grows on just one next of a tree, that is most likely to it is in the north side. In the southerly hemisphere, the entirety thing is mirrored so the moss is top top the southern side. This is, however, nothing much more than a preeminence of thumb, together there are many other factors that impact moss, particularly the thickness of foliage and also humidity.

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Moss prefers damp locations irrespective the facing.

You need to cut out a couple of variables prior to you can use moss together a pretty reliable technique to identify North:

Ignore moss on the ground. The floor is typically damp due to water evaporating.

Ignore moss that"s farming on one incline. An incline slowly water run off for this reason the area continues to be damper because that longer.

Ignore moss that"s growing on rough bark/stone. Prefer an incline, stormy bark & rock slows water operation off.

With the in mind, choose moss that"s growing at the very least waist elevation on a vertical, smooth surface.

It"s not 100% reputable however. So check around for other mossy areas to get confirmation.


There"s some reality to the in the moss prefers shady areas rather than straight sunny ones, so (in the north hemisphere) because the phibìc is the generally much more shady part, you"d assume moss will certainly be an ext likely to grow on the phibìc of the tree.

For me though, it"s nothing an ext than a curious fact rather than anything to reliably use in terms of orientation or navigation. There"s all sorts of other variables that can cause moss to thrive or not grow, and like any type of living organism"s placement there"s always an facet of randomness as well! several things can influence it, indigenous humidity to moisture to the shade other objects cast about it. If you"re trying to use this come navigate it could easily provide you a false feeling of protection or do you feel uneasy about your chosen direction if the "moss rule" contradicts it.

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So yes, over there is some fact behind it and also it"s nice come know, yet not reliable sufficient to yes, really be of lot use.