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Dr. Dwight Alleyne, DVM

Persistent target licking is a authorize that her dog is uncomfortable — Licking is one means that dogs attempt to self-soothe when they’re in pain.

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Infections, allergies, and parasites are often to blame — These typical culprits space no huge deal once addressed quickly.It’s finest to view a vet as soon as possible — though most reasons are easily treated, you’ll often need medication.

As any type of dog parental knows, dog are sometimes gross. Licking their nether-region is regularly just a component of continuous self-grooming, however increased or obsessive rear-end licking usually suggests a health concern.

Dogs lick us in an effort to reassuring something that damages or itches. If lock licking your butt, that probably due to the fact that something feeling wrong.

Luckily, most causes of target licking room not severe once addressed quickly. The most often caused by an infection of some sort. Below are a few of the most common reasons your dog can be an ext interested in your bum than usual.

Anal gland problems

Dogs have actually glands close to their anus, which normally fill up v fluid. Once they poop, the liquid is claimed to be expelled. However, sometimes the glands end up being clogged (impacted) and infected, creating an abscess.

This develop up will feel itchy and painful, so you might notification your dog lick or itch at the area or scoot their bottom on the ground. Your dog’s anus area might be red, bloody, or leaking pus-like secretions, in which situation you absolutely don’t desire them scooting across your carpet.

If you an alert any of this symptoms, nothing wait come take your dog to the vet. Veterinarians are trained come expel this fluid in a means that’s safe and as painless as feasible for your pup. Plus, a bacterial epidemic will need antibiotic treatment.

In a worst situation scenario, an anal sac impactions might rupture. Not only is this pains for her dog, however it needs surgery come heal.

For no factor in particular, part dogs may be much more prone come anal gland issues. If the concern is recurring and also you’re noble of vet visits, speak to her veterinarian about how you have the right to safely expel your dog’s anal glands in ~ home.


Several species of parasites can reason anal irritation. Interior parasites — like tapeworms, roundworms, whipworms, and hookworms — will attack your dog’s intestines and often display up as little white specks in their bowel movements. An inflamed bottom is just one symptom. Vomiting, diarrhea, anemia, and weight loss might be present, too.

External parasites, choose mites or fleas, can influence your dog’s bum just as easily as any type of other area. Fairly than cradle problems, they’ll likely be insatiably itchy in that area and also others.


Like humans, one of the peak symptoms the an allergy reaction in dog is itching. Because the bum is a sensitive area, they may be attempting come relieve part itchiness by licking the anal area. If they’re experiencing an allergic reaction, you’ll more than likely see them licking or itching several areas of your body — not simply their back end.

Dogs have the right to have environmental allergies, dog food allergies, and medical allergies, for this reason it can not be clean what’s bring about the reaction best away. Other indications of an allergic reaction may incorporate cold-like symptoms, such as watery eyes, puffy face, runny nose, problem breathing, coughing, or chronic ear infections. You also might notice inflamed skin, hair loss, vomiting, or diarrhea.

Skin infections

It’s straightforward for the area neighboring your dog’s butt to get infected. It’s regularly exposed to feces, for this reason punctured skin on their backside is especially prone to bacter or fungal infection. Part breeds, prefer bulldogs, are specifically prone come skin infections due to the fact that of your tail pockets.

Two common species of skin infection space staph infections and yeast infections. Through both, they may experience hair loss, crusty or inflamed skin, or a foul smell.

Unfortunately, the persistent licking have the right to actually intensify the infection, developing a moist environment that permits bacteria and fungi to thrive. This creates a hot spot, i m sorry usually requirements to dry the end in order to heal.


When humans are concerned or bored, they might bite their nails, twist their hair, or fixate on some various other task. Dogs have the right to obsessively lick themselves for the same reason.

While it’s unusual for an concerned dog to exclusively focus on licking their butt, that possible. Take into consideration whether your dog is getting enough playtime or if they it seems ~ to have a problem with separation anxiety.

Sometimes, over-the-counter additionally can help your dog relax. Examine out ours favorite, vet-approved calming supplements for dogs to watch if yes sir a good match. If you desire to try a organic remedy, speak to your vet about valerian root for dogs, which friend can get over the counter as well.

If her dog is licking their bum an boosted or extreme amount, it’s a good idea to take it them in for a vet visit ASAP. Though most underlying causes aren’t life-threatening when handled quickly, they have the right to become more severe with time and also often require medication for treatment.

For an infection, her vet will likely prescribe an dental or object antibiotic. Interior parasites will need a dewormer, while fleas or mites can require medicated shampoo.

If allergies space to blame, her vet will aid you recognize the allergen and come up v a game arrangement for preventing exposure.

Good hygiene can reduce the possibilities of infection — regular bathing and monitoring her dog for open up wounds will assist you recognize a problem before it escalates.

Keep one eye on her dog when they’re outside, and make certain they nothing consume fecal issue or noþeles else. Often, dogs acquire worms by ingesting various other dog’s poop or contaminated soil.

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Even with an excellent hygiene and also care, problems with your dog’s bum no 100% avoidable, so nothing freak the end if you notification a problem. A veterinarian can aid you quickly address it and get things earlier to typical in no time.