No matter what's bring about your tears—happiness, sadness, pain—it's inescapable that a good cry will certainly leave you with a runny nose. We've all been in the exact same sobbing, sniffly place at one time or another. Together it transforms out, thanks to great ol' biology, there's no means to protect against it indigenous happening.

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When you acquire all snotty throughout a cry, it's actually due to the fact that your tears space draining down from her eyes, mixing through snot in your nose, and coming out your nostrils (mind. Blown.). \"You're no making much more mucous, it's simply the tears draining and also mixing v the mucous ,\" Erich Voigt, M.D., director of the division of basic otolaryngology at NYU Langone medical Center, speak

\"We have baseline tears that flow through the job protecting our eyes,\" Voigt explains. \"There's a consistent flow that tears, however it's so subtle that we're not really mindful of them,\" he adds. That’s because, in common circumstances, tears are produced by glands above the eye, cleaning and also lubricating the surface of the eye, then flowing out v our tear ducts, i beg your pardon are situated in the within corners of our upper and also lower eyelids. These tears then drainpipe into the nasolacrimal ducts, which operation down every side the the nose. In the nose, tears mix v the nasal mucus (aka snot).

When we cry and way more tears 보다 usual space bombarding our eyes, even an ext fluid travel down through the ducts into the nose and the rest flows directly onto the challenge (obviously). \"So there are tears coming under the face yet a lot of them room going down into the sleep as well, and also that’s as soon as the sleep gets stuffy and also we perform a lot of sniffling,\" Voigt says. \"We sniffle to gain the tears the end of there, and it pulls them right into the throat and also we gulp down them.\" Yummy.

If you're attract eye makeup, it can actually travel into the ducts and stick to the earlier of your nose. \"I’ve had patients come in that have eco-friendly or blue or black color particle matter in your nasal mucous and also in fact, it’s comes from your eye makeup,\" Voigt says. \"You can see it in the nose with an endoscope.\" This can happen from natural baseline tears flushing bits of makeup ago over time, or if you're put on a most eye makeup and have a sudden, epic crying episode. \"If you have enough, it might block her tear duct, and you’d get chronic tearing,\" Voigt says. (If you ever an alert you tear a lot the end of one eye and not the other, it's other you need to talk to your eye doc about.) It's generally nothing to problem about, though—most that the corpuscle just get swallowed and your digestive system takes care of clean them out. The body have the right to do part pretty cool things.

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