$1,000 is pronounced as "one thousands dollars".Reading native left to right, that seems like it would certainly make more sense to write the value as:1,000$. This method the together of the value adheres to the method it"s written. Every other numerical worth I can think of places the unit ~ the value:

1 kg1 L1 m, etc...

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I"m not sure if this inquiry fits in with the remainder of the concerns on this site. However I"d like to know why currencies room so various from various other quantities. Not to cite the should separate teams of 3 digits with commas.



I think the the factor comes from file days. Normally you would write


in the ledger, since it provides it more tough to modify the entry.

If the was composed as 1,200.00$ it would be much easier to build it to become, for example, 91,200.00$ by additionally a single digit in front. V dollar sign in prior of the quantity and decimal suggest in the proper place (either in the type of ".00" or ".-") it is much harder to forge the amount.

The same factor justifies the thousands separator (as it splits the teams of digits in 3 so even changes from $1,252,001.- come $1,2152,001.- are easily detectable), yet here readability likewise plays crucial role.

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Not every money or culture places their money sign prior to their amount. However, most do. Indigenous Wikipedia:

When creating currency quantities the place of the authorize varies by currency. Many currencies, particularly in Latin America and the lifwynnfoundation.org-speaking world, place it prior to the quantity (e.g., R$50.00); numerous others location it after the amount (e.g., 50.00 S₣); and the Cape Verdean escudo, choose the previous Portuguese escudo and French franc, placed its sign in the decimal position (i.e., 20$00).

I discovered a conversation on this exact topic; I"m no saying any kind of of the constitutes great research, cause there aren"t a lot of good answers and also no references, however the answers that make the most sense come from the basic reasoning of "the currency symbol, put first, allows you recognize that the number is a currency amount, which would be talked differently 보다 an simple number, even a measurement". This does make sense on certain levels; given the lot 2.53$, you might sightread it and say "two allude five 3 dol - oops, two dollars fifty-three cents". By contrast, you could say "two allude five three" adhered to by quite much any kind of other unit of measure; "two point five 3 kilometers".

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Many currencies, specifically ones subsumed by the Euro, put the currency sign in ar of a decimal point. 20F35 is "vingt francs trente-cinq centimes"; the amount deserve to be sightread left-to-right and sound natural. A couple of currencies still perform this. The Yuan, Yen, and Euro signs have actually been seen preceeding OR complying with the amount, relying on who"s writing it. Because that the Yen, it makes a most sense, together 1Y is indistinguishable in society (but no necessarily financial exchange rates) come one U.S. Cent; there space no "half-yen" coins lot like there space no half-penny pieces in U.S. Currency (there provided to it is in one in lifwynnfoundation.org currency), so friend never have actually to resolve a decimal allude unless utilizing a thousand/million/billion/trillion abbreviation (where "two point five million yen" is still perfect fine).