Wheel of Fortune has been on the air due to the fact that 1975, do it among the longest-running video game shows top top television, however even long-time fans could be surprised at just just how the show is recorded (via How stuff Works).

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According to Radio.com, the team manages to shoot whole month"s precious of mirrors in just four days (specifically every various other Thursday and also Friday) through taping six shows each day. In fact, one illustration takes simply thirty minute to film, many thanks to the digitization that the puzzle board. Before 1997, once the plank was analog, the took practically an hour come tape, just because the board needed to it is in manually reset so often.

Yet, somehow, despite the rushed filming schedule, the show has time to replay particular rounds if they don"t favor the an initial take (via Buzzfeed). Follow to one former contestant, "They usually film a totality week"s precious of mirrors in a day, and sometimes repeat ring if it didn"t go "right" the very first time." In fact, contestants room rigorously coached on exactly how to act, just how to call out letters, and even how to turn the wheel (via The Week). If this shocks you, there space a few more points you need to probably recognize as Wheel of luck returns for its 38th season (via Today).

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While Wheel that Fortune provides some tricks to its advantage, like making the 6-foot diameter wheel look at bigger v the edge of the camera, most whatever else about the wheel is in reality real, no rigged (via Awesome Jelly). Some fans supplied to believe there to be a foot pedal under host Pat Sajak"s desk enabling him to manage the rate of the turn or wherein it landed, due to the fact that they i found it the wheel never stopped top top "bankrupt" or "lose a spin" throughout the final spin. The truth is, that does occasionally land top top those spots, however it"s edited out for the benefits of time. The wheel itself is not rigged. 

Of course, this isn"t the only method that the present is centralized to conserve time. Because that example, to protect against contestants repeating previous incorrect guesses, there"s a display screen facing them showing those letters, but that"s not the only an enig screen. The host has actually one facing him that reflects how many of a correctly-guessed letter there space in the puzzle (via ABC News). Before the screens took over, it was the job of a "finger boy" (i.e. Member of manufacturing staff) to signal the number to Sajak with their fingers. With so numerous sneaky time-savers, it"s no wonder they"re able come shoot so countless shows in so couple of days.