Recently, the was carried to my attention, the the cumulative noun because that a team of pandas is an embarrassment that pandas. I uncover this very suspect, no to point out somewhat demeaning to pandas. Is this a ploy by details political factions to indicate that pandas are not fit for office? The Hmmmph! aspect for this tiny piece the so called news is incredibly high. What’s for this reason embarrassing around being a panda, I’d like to know! well, yes, we are sort of confusing eaters, and also not lot to brag around in the romantic department, however we are awfully cute, don’t friend think?

Meanwhile happy happy happy news from Belgium yesterday, where Hao Hao and Xing Hui space the proud parents of a bouncing baby cub! Fingers and paws space being crossed that the little pink bundle of delight survives its very first days and weeks. Panda cubs weigh around four ounces in ~ birth and also have no fur!

So come celebrate this blessed event in Belgium, I believed I would certainly share part ‘toons about….baby pandas! Huzzah! Let’s start with my very first baby panda, the ineffable Wu Self!

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“Wu phone call his dance, ‘Ode come a Weaf’ “

The very first appearance that the Meihems!

Paul June 3, 2016 at 2:51 AM

Ahhhh, frosting! I as well would walk for that.

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Gina Koo June 3, 2016 at 12:58 PM

Whoever came up through the term “embarrassment” to describe a team of pandas should acquire a an excellent spanking. That human being must not be a panda lover. Have the right to we petition to have actually it changed?Thanks because that the walk down panda cubby storage lane!

Vicky V
June 5, 2016 in ~ 9:06 PM

They can be utilizing embarrassment as meaning abundance – prefer an “embarrassment the riches.” and pandas are wealth of cuteness and so many other points