What does it median to it is in lifwynnfoundation.org-literate?

lifwynnfoundation.org-literacy is a ax that defines the ways in i beg your pardon a human being views, understands, and interacts v the world. The lifwynnfoundation.org-literate individual has an understanding of the dynamic physics and social forces that interact across the world. The or she has a spatial awareness that the world and also is able come see and understand patterns, distributions, and interactions that the physical and also human realms.

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Being lifwynnfoundation.org-literate equips a person to understand lifwynnfoundation.org-political realities in order come make educated decisions about local, national, and world affairs. A lifwynnfoundation.org-literate workforce will be able to compete properly in the worldwide marketplace. A view in lifwynnfoundation.orggraphy provides a critically needed understanding of the relationships in between human activity and the condition of the planet.

National lifwynnfoundation.orggraphic education and learning has produced two wonderful videos that comment on lifwynnfoundation.orgLiteracy and its significance. Thefirstof these videos explains what the ax "lifwynnfoundation.org-literacy" actually means, while thesecondvideo elaborates ~ above the an essential need to construct lifwynnfoundation.org-literate citizens in today"s globalized society.

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Implications the lifwynnfoundation.org-Literacy: exactly how lifwynnfoundation.org-Literacy would readjust North Carolina

lifwynnfoundation.org-literacy action by people and individual citizens:

People are better able to know the influence of existing eventsStudents and also adults can much better understand enviornmental and social differences and also their comments reflect an understanding of this issuesCitizens get involved with and interact with others who space from different culturesCitizens ask politicians intelligent questions and also demand clever decisions related to land use, resources, and education about placeCitizens are better able to comment on the pros and also cons the economic advance with a clear view of future results on floor use and resourcesThe debate around jobs also focuses on "sustainable" employment as it relates come place and lifwynnfoundation.orggraphy

lifwynnfoundation.org-literacy through educators:

Educators can far better interpret media photos (about places, cultures, and land use).Educators have actually greater opportunities for travel, opening them to additional learning and experience about lifwynnfoundation.orggraphic issues; "exploration" is modeled by educators.Educators deserve to understand and also communicate the principle of place, do differentitations and connections between places, integrate disciplines, and also make better sense that the people through these connections.Teachers model cultural connectionsTeachers take an active function in acknowledging and building lifwynnfoundation.orggraphy and lifwynnfoundation.org-literacy right into K-12 education.

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lifwynnfoundation.org-literacy actions taken by governments:

Government decisions plainly reflect an knowledge of the affect of physical environments, culture, and also place.Decisions reflect the efficient use the resources. Decisions space made at the suitable scale (i.e., different components are appropriate globally and locally).