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Median cubital vein (Vena mediana cubiti)

The median cubital vein (antecubital vein) is a significant superficial upper limb vessel. Its ar is in the cubital fossa, ~ above the anterior/flexor facet of the elbow joint. This region of the upper limb is periodically referred to together the antecubital area.

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The average cubital vein associate the cephalic and basilic veins, which room the two significant superficial veins the the upper limb. This superficial veins lie within the subcutaneous tissue. They kind anastomoses through the deep veins accompanying the arteries that the upper limb via perforating veins. Together these veins drain into the axillary vein.

Key facts about the median cubital vein
Drains fromCephalic vein
TributariesMedian antebrachial vein
Drains toBasilic vein, brachial veins
Drainage areaHand, wrist, forearm

This short article will comment on the anatomy and duty of the mean cubital vein.

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The median cubital vein typically arises as a collateral branch native the cephalic vein which operation on the anterolateral aspect of the upper limb. It process superomedially throughout the roof of the cubital fossa, in ~ the subcutaneous tissue and also empties into the basilic vein ~ above the anteromedial next of the upper limb. The average cubital vein passes anterior to the bicipital aponeurosis, below which lied the brachial artery and also median nerve. The vein also courses anterior come the medial and lateral cutaneous nerves of the forearm. Although there is a considerable amount of variation, the typical cubital vein regularly receives the median antebrachial vein together its significant tributary.

Along that course, the median cubital vein frequently gives off a perforating branch, the deep median vein. This vein penetrates the fascial roof that the cubital fossa come anastomose with a brachial vein, developing a connection between the superficial and also deep venous systems of the upper limb. Similar anastomotic relationships are seen in other areas of the upper limb. The average cubital vein is a common site for venipuncture because of its prominence and also relative lull of accessibility.

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Median cubital vein (Vena mediana cubiti) - Yousun Koh

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