A lifetime ago, earlier when grades mattered and I had dreams of conquering the world, I had actually a 5 pack-a-day habit. Luckily, it was simply a gum habit.

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It’s a an excellent thing that Trident to be there to store my this cavity free! Long prior to I was arouond, the American Chicle Company developed Trident in response to the exploration linking street to tooth decay. The first sugar cost-free gum ever to be patented, Trident, became easily accessible in November 1964. The at an early stage 1960s brought us countless things, however one that the breakthroughs in the food civilization was an fabricated sweetener called xylitol. Xylitol, a sugar alcohol, linked with a gum base, flavoring, and also three enzymes that fight against the formation of tartar, gave us the gum we know as Trident.


Today, Trident is the #1 marketing gum in the world and is own by Mondelez International. Trident, in a range of flavors and also with a range of benefits, is available in over 70 nations under ‘sibling’ names, like Stimorol in the UK and Africa. Trident to be the an initial gum in room (1964) and also has to be on every an are mission due to the fact that 1981.

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Why is it called Trident?

In its 2 syllables, Trident shows its Latin roots. The an initial syllable ‘Tri’ (three, as in three enzymes) combines v ‘dent’ (teeth) to provide us Trident. Trident had developed three patented enzymes that fought versus the buildup the tartar top top teeth. They ran a powerfully swaying project in 1964 v the slogan, “The an excellent Taste that Is great For your Teeth.”

Trident has actually not changed their healthy teeth ethos. They have joined in the current trend to aid keep teeth white v their Trident White line, in flavors such as Cool Rush, Peppermint, Spearmint, Wintergreen and Sparkling Mint. Because that those needing to develop stronger teeth, they offer Trident Xtra Care with the tagline, “Strengthens & Rebuilds Teeth.” The strengthening formula is available in Spearmint, Peppermint and Cool Mint. If you as with to acquire your gum chew on, they have a organize of fruit and mint selections in various forms, favor Trident Layers and Trident Splash, a to fill gum the cleans teeth.

Trident is there with you during that lengthy commute, those tedious exams, throughout the hike come the summit, and all life’s trembling adventures. Where carry out you take her Trident? Comment below! thanks for reading why is Trident referred to as Trident! #whyisitcalledTrident