History >>Renaissance for KidsThe Reformation developed during Renaissance times. It to be a split in the Catholic Church where a new type of Christianity dubbed Protestantism to be born.

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More world Reading the BibleDuring the center Ages, couple of people other than monks and also priests knew how to read and write. However, v the Renaissance, much more and more people came to be educated and also learned exactly how to read. At the exact same time, the printing push was invented enabling for brand-new ideas, and also scriptures that the Bible, come be easily printed and distributed. People were able to check out the bible for themselves for the very first time.Martin LutherA monk named Martin Luther started to inquiry the practices of the Catholic Church as he learned the Bible. He discovered many locations where the felt the Bible and the Catholic Church disagreed. ~ above October 31, 1517 Luther take it a list of 95 points wherein he assumed the Church had actually gone wrong and also nailed it come the door that a Catholic Church.
Martin Luther - Leader that the Reformationby Lucas Cranach
Less Money for the ChurchOne the the practices that Luther disagreed with was the paying of indulgences. This practice permitted people to it is in forgiven of their sins once they paid the church money. ~ Luther nailed his perform to the Church, the Catholics began to make less money. This make them mad. Castle kicked him the end of the church and called him a heretic. This may not sound bad today, however in those time heretics were regularly put come death.
95 Theses - 95 clues Luther wanted to make
Reform diffusion through north EuropeMany world agreed through Martin Luther that the Catholic Church had become corrupt. Much of north Europe began to different from the Catholic Church. Several brand-new churches were created such as the Lutheran Church and the Reformed Church. Also brand-new reform leaders such as man Calvin in Switzerland spoke out versus the Catholic Church.The Church the EnglandIn a separate break-up from the Catholic Church, the Church the England split from the roman Catholic Church. This was over a different issue. King Henry VIII want to divorce his wife because she did not produce a masculine heir because that him, however the Catholic Church would not let him. He decided to break-up from the roman Catholics and create his own church called the Church of England which would allow him to gain a divorce.WarSadly, arguments over the Reformation ultimately led to a series of wars. Some rulers were converted come Protestantism while others still sustained the Catholic Church. The Thirty Years war was battled in Germany, martin Luther"s home, and involved practically every nation in Europe. The battle was devastating with approximates of in between 25% and 40% that the German population being killed.

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