Out of all the egg science experiment you can do dissolve egg shells have to be at the top ofeverychild’sto carry out list. It’s a an excellent visual and also tactile STEM project to execute at home and there are rather a couple of things the you have the right to talk around with the kids.

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In fact, it must be top top every parental ‘to do’ list if friend haven’t done it yet! and if friend love this then you may like my Water activity (capillary action)and measure Water Beads experiments.

Materials Required

2-4 clean glasses Water White alcohol vinegar lifwynnfoundation.orgke Orange juice document towel Pencil and also Notebook (to write down observations)

How To set Up The Egg shell Experiment

You want at least two clean glasses. One to include vinegar come (white is far better visually but you deserve to use dark vinegar) and one to include water to. The water is the lifwynnfoundation.orgntrol substance that will do nothing to the egg and also keep it specifically the same. If friend have enough glasses and the ingredient you can likewise use a glass that fizzy drink (we provided lifwynnfoundation.orgke) and also a glass of fresh fruit juice (we used orange juice).


Place the very same sized egg in every glass and lifwynnfoundation.orgver with each that the liquids you’re using.

The scientific research behind Dssolving an Egg Shell

The vinegar will begin to react right away producing loads of bubbles together the calcium carbonate in the shell is liquified by the acetic acid producing carbon dioxide.


Dissolving Egg covering Results

We left the eggs for 24 hrs and also when we looked uncovered …

The water hadn’t excellent anythingThe lifwynnfoundation.orgke had actually surprisingly dissolved really little.The orange juice had liquified quite a bitThe vinegar had liquified loads

We put the eggs ago in their liquids and left because that a further 12 hour and also found …

The water quiet hadn’t excellent anythingThe lifwynnfoundation.orgke had dissolved a small but more.The orange juice had liquified quite a little bit moreThe vinegar had actually dissolved every one of the shell

Membrane Egg science Experiment

Now what girlfriend may have actually noticed is the the egg with no shell is also a lot bigger 보다 the lifwynnfoundation.orgntrol shell. This is since the membrane around the egg is semi permeable.

Whilst it remained in the vinegar the liquid moved through the membrane into the eggresultingin the membrane swelling and increasing in size.

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When you organize the egg v no shell it will feel wet to the touch and also that’s since the fluid is beginning to seep back out with the membrane. You deserve to see this really well if you placed the shell-less egg on some kitchen roll. The fluid in the shell will soak into the kitchen towel with the membrane.

Bouncing Egg science Experiment

And there’s more!

The egg without its shell and now complete of extra liquid, will bounce!

But exactly how high will it bounce?

We cut lengths of wool approximately 10cm in size to host up together a overview to height. Just how high do you think us got?