hi fox,your version 61 was produced in 1951, value have to be 800 - 1000 however could be much higher. A hand on appraisal through an insurance money adjuster would be your finest bet.JMHOKim

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since it"s serial number is nice close to the othe top top the estimate would certainly be around the same depending upon condition and grade and yours would have been make in 1955..bigcurt

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I have actually a write-up war mdl 61 passed follow me to me by an Uncle. The is conservatively estimated to it is in in very great condition with only a couple of "ring" indents on the forearm. Ns doubt one hundred rounds ever entered the chamber.

I setup to pass it along to mine Uncle"s grandchild as a wedding gift. The males should get wedding presents too, don"t you agree? various other than the little information I uncover on the internet, what added information should I pass along. Value would protect against this younger generation from easily disposing of the .22 but what else would you suggest?

hello ,,ya know everybody purchase ya a toaster or hand towels or miscellaneous yea you"ll use yet not what ya really would favor to see ..lol..now i choose your way of thinking about passing ~ above a keepsake ,,

..id tension that this is something the will absolutely keep walk up as the years happen ,,and also right now it isn"t a 100 buck litter in the van rifle ,,also allow them recognize that winchesters favor this one are few and far between ,,i might additionally throw in that if castle gotta ever sell it to let girlfriend know prior to they take it to a gunshop and get 150-200 for it ,,kids now want the shining plastic guns.. And not plenty of appreicate the worksmanship the larger rifles had put right into them..

..hopefully he"s gained a wife that isn"t a tree hugger that think firearms are the root of every evil!!If it is the situation give them a card through 50 bucks in it and also keep the winchester and give the the the grandkids as soon as they end up being old sufficient to start shooting ,,it would provide you some quality time with them and you"ll have the ability to teach them the right method to handle weapons ,,either way it"s a great idea and also with the family history behind the it"s priceless!bigcurt