Learning about room can be exciting and also confusing. Start your exploration of astronomy with a cool and straightforward glossary of an are terms kids and also adults deserve to understand.

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constellation - group of stars in the skies that kind specific fads from wherein you check out themeclipse - when any type of celestial thing blocks the light of one more celestial objectgalaxy - huge group the stars held together by gravitylodestar - a name for the north StarMilky way - the galaxy us live in moon - an item that’s natural and also moves around a enlarge object that’s naturalnebula - dust or gas cloud girlfriend find between starsneutron star - star made the end of uncharged nucleons, or the parts that comprise a nucleusshooting star - a meteorsolar flare - particles and also energy that burst from the sunlight at oncestar - shining gas hosted in a sphere by its very own gravitySun - the star in the middle of our solar systemsupernova - bright explosion of a starwhite dwarf - those left after a star collapses

List of various other Things You find in Space

Planets, moons, the sun, and stars aren’t the only things you can see in space.

asteroid - little or huge rocks that float about in spaceaurora australis (Southern Lights) - bands the light showing up in the sky close to the south Poleaurora borealis (Northern Lights) - bands of light appearing in the sky close to the phibìc Poleblack hole - a place found in an are that matter and also light can’t get out that if they fall incomet - a rock that’s icy and also lets turn off dust and gas together it flies through spaceKuiper Belt - ring the icy objects, prefer Pluto, beyond Neptune’s orbitmeteor - streak that light created when a meteoroid start a planet’s atmospheremeteorite - surname for a meteoroid that has landed ~ above a planet’s surfacemeteoroid - tiny chunk of absent floating in spacepulsar - things that allows off radio waves or various other electromagnetic radiationquasar - area in the middle of a big galaxy that surrounds a gigantic black hole

Words That explain Space

Figuring out exactly how to correctly describe an are can it is in a challenge. This list of descriptive space vocabulary can help you discover the best words come use.

atmosphere - gases about the Earth and also other planets that are held there through gravityastral - something that relates to the starscosmos - the cosmos as a wholeelectromagnetic spectrum - every the different types of energy and also light in the universeextraterrestrial - points that exist on planets other than Earthgravity - the force that traction what every little thing is made of togetherintergalactic - travel between galaxiesinterstellar - between starsOort cloud - shell around our solar mechanism in the shape of a spheresolar mechanism - a set of space objects that includes a star and also everything that orbits that staruniverse - every little thing ever, consisting of all of room and timevast - large space

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List the Astronomy Tools and also Measurements

Astronomers, or the scientists who study matter and objects in space, usage cool tools and also measurements to check out the universe.

astrolabe - a medieval tool or instrument offered to measure up a star’s altitudelight year - the street light travel in one yearobservatory - a building made for looking at a big area neighboring youorbit - the curved route something travels follow me as it goes around one more objectquadrant - a tool provided long earlier to measure up the altitude that celestial objectssupermassive - summary of objects through a million or more times mass 보다 our suntelescope - tool that makes much away objects look closer

Discover room Vocabulary

When friend learn new words around astronomy and also space, girlfriend embark on your own journey the discovery! continue your an are exploration indigenous home and discover fun room facts like once Galileo found Jupiter or browser a resource like a perform of comets. From there, explore some fun room facts around planets and also galaxies. Friend can also check out much more extensive astronomy dictionary to learn much more space words.