The suffix spells 3 sounds: /Id, t, d/. In this lesson, you’ll uncover a learning video and sample native list.

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When i teach the suffix , i teach one sound in ~ a time. If we room studying the suffix that sounds choose /Id/ after ~ a “t” or a “d”, we begin with reading a few words with that ending sound. I present the sound with the video, model exactly how to read, and then enable the college student to practice.

After the student reads a few words, we produce a chart with three columns for the dictation practice. Her students can conveniently jot the chart down in their student journals.

After the arrival of the video, the individual exercise in decoding, and also the dications exercises is the decodable story that is common below. You will discover that that primarily consists of words v short-vowel sounds due to the fact that up to this point, that is what the student has learned. Us take our time structure solid skills before relocating on to brand-new and more facility patterns.


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One of the problems I was having when kids were faced with a indigenous such as “hopping” and “hoping” was that they were unsure that what collection sound applied. Therefore now, ns teach the suffix and also spelling preeminence sooner. The spelling dominion with short-vowel sounds is complex. The consonant is doubled in words wherein you have actually one vowel and one consonant letter in the last position. We learn this dominion now due to the fact that once we acquire to indigenous that finish in silent we need to learn a brand-new spelling rule. That’s wherein we drop the final before including a new suffix if the suffix starts with a vowel. Sorting the rule in this way has decreased information overload and also greatly enhanced reading and also spelling because that my students.

All native in the video clip contain one brief vowel sound and the suffix. Mute the audio if friend would fairly be the one to design the reading.

Explained in the video: If the last two letters the the base are 1 vowel and also 1 consonant, dual the critical consonant. This protects the short-vowel sound in the base word. If over there are currently two consonants the follow the vowel, you perform not must double. Carry out not twin w, x, or y.

For much longer words, the basic routine ns follow is:Say the word, “stopped.”What is the base? The student says, “stop.”Spell the base. The college student spells the base.Add the suffix. The student adds the suffix come the base.How carry out you order “stopped?” The student spells words out loud.

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Some students carry out not require each step while others evaluate the step-by-step assignment cues.