If friend have created a facebook fanpage, you also want it come be found well. On facebook therefore enables you to generate a suitable deal with for the fanpage. Girlfriend can select a short and also catchy short URL (Vanity-Url), which deserve to be provided on organization cards or newspaper advertisements, for example. Facebook calls this vanity URL “username”. Every username exists just once and also can be declared by a human being or company.

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However, as soon as you shot to develop a username, you might receive the complying with message:

You space not eligible to create a username

reason of error and also solution

To produce a username because that a fanpage you need to be one administrator the the site. Yet that alone is no enough. Before you can produce a username for the supervised fanpage, the following conditions must be fulfilled:

The fanpage must currently have at least 25 LikesYou should not have actually created more than one fanpage latelyYour personal facebook account needs to be verifiedYour personal profile need to not be newly createdFor her personal facebook account, a username have to be defined

Unfortunately, on facebook doesn’t suggest out these prerequisites and instead only worries the above-mentioned, meaningless error message. If you have actually met the very first requirement (minimum variety of Facebook-Likes), you need to verify your personal Facebook account and define a username.

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This two conditions can be met quite easily:

Verify your an individual Facebook account:

Open the settings of on facebook (small arrows in ~ the optimal right the the menu –> Settings)Enter her mobile phone number there to verify her accountBehind the added number now click “Confirm“Facebook then sends out you a confirmation code via SMS toEnter the received confirmation code into the listed field

Set an individual username:

Open the setups of facebook (small arrows in ~ the optimal right the the food selection –> Settings)Choose a username because that your an individual Facebook account

If you have actually verified your an individual Facebook account and also have a username, you have the right to then normally create a username because that the fanpage.

create username

To collection a username for her fanpage, you have to click on Info in the left food selection of the fanpage. ~ above the following page you will uncover in the upper component of the menu: Create username for page.

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