For years, army sharpshooting instructors taught their students to close their non-dominanteye as a fundamental of shooting. The idea behind this practice is to lower the task of the fifty percent of the mind that isn’t technically being used, freeing it indigenous distractions.

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Over the years, well-practiced shooters have determined that closeup of the door one eye helps you line up her target much more easily. So, why save both eyes open?

Former military Green Beret karl Erickson will breakdown for you.

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(U.S. Military Photo by Capt. Adan Cazarez)

When a hectic instance arises, and also you need to draw your weapon, you’re going to experiencephysicalandphysiological changes. Many noticeably,the total operator’sadrenaline will certainly kick up, prompting the “fight or flight” response.

During this response, the body’ssympathetic nervous mechanism releasesnorepinephrine and adrenaline from the adrenal glands, which are located rightabove her kidneys, as presented in the picture below.


Once these naturally created chemicals surge through your bloodstream, your heart price increases and also youreyes dilate and also widen.

These physical transforms occur because the human brain is screaming to collect together much information as possible. Once these occasions takeplace, the becomes much more daunting for the shooter to keep theirnon-dominanteye closed.

Thoughtfully attempting to store thatnon-dominanteye shut deserve to potentiallyderail the shooter’s concentration, i m sorry canresult in a missed chance for a righteous death shot.

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So, exactly how dowe practice shooting with both eyes open?

When usingshooting glasses, spread a cloak of chapstick throughout the lens the thenon-dominanteye. This will certainly blurthe picture and aid retrain the mind to emphasis a solitary eye top top the target, and, over time, will eventually lead to an excellent musclememory.

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Check outTactical Rifleman’s video clip below to discover the method directly indigenous a eco-friendly Beret badass.

(Tactical Rifleman| YouTube)

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