Zoey Deutch is having actually a significant moment thanks to her high-key adorable Netflix romantic comedy Set the Up, which Rolling Stone referred to as a resurrection the the genre (it currently has a 94% rating on Rotten Tomatoes). But this week, on she Instagram Story, Zoey reminded united state all the her cinematic beginnings actually go ago to an top Disney Channel show, the Suite Life top top Deck.

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While answering questions through Instagram's brand-new question and answer feature, a monitor referenced her time ~ above the Disney Channel show by asking Zoey, \"Do friend still store in touch with Dylan and also Cole?\" Zoey jokingly responded with a throwback photo of she standing next to Dylan Sprouse in a cast photo, wearing a light environment-friendly dress. Zoey then wrote, \"Not after they permit me stay this dress.\"

Zoey actually had actually a recurring duty on the series, a spinoff that the initial Suite Life, indigenous 2010-2011, once she appeared as Maya Bennett. On the show, Maya is Zack's major love interest. They end up dating, prior to Maya ultimately breaks up with him to sign up with the tranquility Corps during the \"Graduation ~ above Deck\" episode. Goals.

After tagging Dylan and also Cole Sprouse in the throwback photo, Zoey Deutch later on posted a screenshot of her messages with Cole, who slid into her Instagram DMs through his own hilarious, classically dry response: \"Please send all outfits to me for approval.\"

Zoey, Cole, and also Dylan have actually each gone on their own separate, yet still an extremely successful career courses these days. But to be honest, just looking in ~ this photo is enough to make us wish desperately for a Suite Life top top Deck reunion.



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