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Zoo Tycoon is just one of those games where I deserve to literally spend hrs upon hrs playing and also it will never stress me out.

I carry out play sandbox, but hey, that’s simply what rocks my boat.

I simply feel that probably there need to be a bit an ext animals that us could select from. Thankfully, the mod ar listened to my prayers as soon as again and also created a bunch of mode to enrich the herbal habitats that the game.

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I’ve do the efforts to make a differed list the includes pets from all areas of the world. Ns think this list come out looking precisely how i wanted, and also you will have the ability to truly make her zoo feel favor a totally different location once every one of the mods are installed.

A word of warning despite – if she a fan of dinosaurs, there space plenty of mods that include them to the game.

Many of castle were extremely popular, i m sorry is why I’m adding this fast annotation on this too. So run in and also let’s have actually some fun!

15. Radical remake – african Adventures component I


Check the end This Mod

New animals, new behaviors, man an ext hours that fun.

The Radical Remade mode adds a entirety bunch of brand-new African animals to your selection of zoo critters.

Create the safari ar of your dreams and watch those mandrills move roughly your zoo.

The creator of the mod made certain to add new behaviors to suit the animals much better than rather that currently came in the game.

All in all, I’d speak it’s a solid mod. The motions are not arisen with the exact same level that depth as others, yet it’s still a an excellent addition to the game.

14. Eurasian Jay


Check the end This Mod

Alright, this mode adds the one critter. I m sorry is why it’s not greater up ~ above the list.

However i beg you no to it is in fooled through its obvious simplicity.

The Eurasian Jay model is absolutely fantastic. And also as the creator that the mode states, it’s do from scratch.

All the the animations aren’t based on other pets or elements that the video game comes with. They were made from a blank slate and also carved into what girlfriend see.

The jay move naturally and also everything just feels right around it. Besides, simply look at it. That super cute.

You recognize you desire this man in her zoo.

13. Asian golden Cat


Check the end This Mod

Yay, cats! The Asian gold Cat mod literally to add one biology to the game.

But that a cat, so I’m putting it above the two various other mods because we every love felines.

The Asian golden cat version is, nonetheless, a really well-made mod which comes through a pair of various skins so it feels favor you’re actually including a couple of other animals to the game.

It’s cute together heck, though, and that alone earns the a point out on my list.

12. Snake Pack


Check out This Mod

This mod sounds hilariously scary if you only read its name and also avoid the description.

But the Snake pack mod is a fantastic addition to your game.

You will have the choice to choose a bunch of brand-new snakes to be displayed in the plenty of showrooms of her zoo.

The mode adds a total of six new snakes, yet the creator the the mod made decision to include the scientific names the each line on the description and in-game.

They look cool, though!

11. Chilean Critters


Check the end This Mod

Alright there’s a small chance that I’m picking this mod for the list since I’m currently living in Chile.

Don’t be fooled through that, though.

The mode is quite complete and also comes with a whole bunch that animals the you’ll often found in the southernmost regions of south America.

This has the beautiful Guanaco (aka the Chilean Lama), and also two neighborhood foxes, a flamingo, and also a leopard.

If you like exotic fauna then provide the Chilean Critters mod a go.

This country’s fauna is beautiful and also it important deserves to be in the game!

10. Imported Foliage


Check out This Mod

Ah, a fauna mega pack.

This terrific mod will include a whole brand-new bunch of tree to your video game to keep that vegetation spring unique and avoid the dull look that it can sometimes be as soon as you rigid at the very same plants for a while.

The mod compiles the work of various modders, so you deserve to rest assured that there room a entirety bunch of distinctive plants in here.

They’re all coded correctly so there space no bugs through them native what I might find. Some space a bit too stiff because that my taste, however nothing’s perfect in this life right?

9. Nessich’s India


Check out This Mod

Man i love the textures the Nessich placed on these animals.

They room five different critters, all of them naturally uncovered in India.

And now you’ll have the ability to keep them in cages in your zoo!

Share the organic beauties the India through the rest of the world and allow your tourists to it is in marveled with these fantastically stunning creatures.

8. Reef man Pack


Check out This Mod

New reefs and sea creatures space a need to if you a pan of the underwater marvels of our planet.

This mod adds a whole bunch of brand-new sea critters come the game and a pair new coral reefs, which will boost the underwater sights of your aquarium-style zoo prefer you can’t imagine.

A an easy mod that provides the video game look much better is constantly welcome. Additional aquatic animals are even better. And that’s precisely what this one does!

7. Caribbean travels Pack


Check out This Mod

This complete pack will permit you to feel like you’re actually living in the Caribbean.

The an initial time ns came throughout this mod, i instantly knew the I want it in mine game.

It simply looks so good to have so numerous tropical animals in Zoo Tycoon and I knew ns couldn’t miss the chance to produce an exotic exhibition.

Give this mode a shooting – I’m certain to won’t remorse it.

Caribbean birds, butterflies, and amphibious creatures space all there to be found.

6. Fauna del Mundo Remake


Check out This Mod

No, this no a Pitbull song.

Fauna del Mundo is a mod produced by a Spanish-speaking modder that adds a bunch of new animals from all over the people to the game.

He no only focus on creating brand-new animals from south America; that took the moment to include animals the inhabit various regions of our nature-rich planet.

I certain love Fauna del Mundo (which means Fauna that the civilization in Spanish), and I’m certain you will certainly too.

There are too many new animals come see and enjoy. Plus this bad boy’s totally complimentary to install so why not offer it a try.

5. Crocodylia


Check out This Mod

I have to admit I’m no too much of a pan of crocodiles.

They’re as well scary for my taste.

However, this mod adds a bunch of new crocs come the game and also the models room so fantastically well made that it wouldn’t have been fair because that me to leave this mod exterior the optimal 5.

The entire body of every crocodile is exceptionally detailed.

I encourage you to check the models out on the download page prior to you gain it. They’re awesome!

4. Fish income Packs 1 & 2


Fish Import fill 1

Fish Import load 2

This is the an initial time the I’ve ever done a two-in-one mod addition to any of my mode lists.

But this couple of mods totally deserves the privilege.

They in reality act prefer a solitary mod, together they add a entirety bunch that aquatic creatures to the game to enrich the sea life of your zoo.

Fishes galore room a provided with the Fish income packs. Be sure to download both for the full effect.

3. Task Australia


Check out This Mod

The task Australia mode adds a fair couple of animals that inhabit the soil of Australia (and no, I’m no talking about giant spiders or Elder Scrolls-like creatures).

The mod focuses mostly top top birds, and I absolutely love the means they look. The models are an excellent too and quite realistic.

Just much more birds because that your international zoo business.

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2. Marvels 3volved holiday Pack


Check out This Mod

Alright guys: ONE dinosaur mod. That’s all I’m giving you.

And I’m including it to the list since it likewise adds a entirety bunch the cool primitive fauna.

It’s a shame that the creator the the mod seems to have offered up on it, as the mod really had a good thing walking on for us.

But also without regular updates this thing is tho going strong.

1. Europe Expeditions


Check out This Mod

Do not be trickery by the truth that this mode lacks pictures on the Nexus, it adds a whole bunch of brand-new things to the game.

The location of user-made growth serves it rather well, together you literally have a whole new world to explore with this wonderful add-on.

European expeditions honors that is name and also offers you brand-new animals, maps, plants, and more.