The US and UK-produced air conditioners constantly have the very same capacity unit: BTU or British thermal Units.

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When it involves measuring the strength (capacity) the an wait conditioner, everybody rather (Europeans and also most that the world) use kW or kiloWatts.

The question below is obvious: How to transform BTU to kW?

We’ll look in ~ what BTU and kW are, and later on, you can discover a BTU/h to kW converter. You input the variety of BTU, and you’ll acquire the kW number:

Example: convert 24,000 BTU come kW


In the end, you’ll even find a BTU to kW converting equation you have the right to use yourself with simply a bit of math.

Converting BTU to kW is crucial to recognize how powerful of an air conditioner you’re feather at.

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BTU to kW ConverterHow To calculate kW native BTU for Air Conditioners

BTU and also kW (Air Conditioner Capacity)

BTU represents ‘British heat Unit‘. It denotes the quantity of power to advanced 1 pound of water because that 1 level Fahrenheit. Honestly, this sentence makes sense only to the British.

BTU is a measure up of energy, not power. To acquire power, we need to use part time unit together in ‘This or the air conditioner can produce 10,000 BTU of power per hour’.

Let’s speak we have actually an waiting conditioner with a volume of 10,000 BTU. That’s a streamlined description. In fact, we have an wait conditioner the is qualified of placing out 10,000 BTU every hour. The exactly unit here is BTU/h.

kW, top top the other hand, stands for kiloWatt. Watt is the an easy unit of strength (in metric mechanism Europeans use), and also it’s usually the amount of strength we have to provide to a 1 kg object that starts moving with an acceleration that 1 m/s2. KiloWatt is just 1000 Watts. This sentence makes sense to europe who understand a little of physics.

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BTU to kW Converter

The crucial part as soon as buying an wait conditioner is to recognize how powerful it is. If you’re used to kW and get a BTU number, you don’t really recognize what the capacity is, and also visa versa.

Here is the quick BTU come kW converter to aid you pick the correct dimension of an wait conditioner. Just input the BTU number, and you’ll gain the strength in kW: